Wash with Mice?

I'm really stumped... I just bought this soap at 'Big lots' I was in a hurry and just saw "Aloe, natural soap" and thought. Yeah... Okay. I normally always read the back but like I said I was in a hurry to get the boys to wrestling. So when I finally got around to it I took out the soap box and read the back. What the heck? Do you see what it's made of... I don't get it. Is it really made of mice or is that a term for something else? Are they really THAT honest that they'll fess up that a few mice get thrown into the pot. And WHY is it made in Korea... can we not make our own soap? We've recently been a lot more aware of items made outside of the US. And I've come to one conclusion............ we don't really make anything in the US..... at least nothing that's for sale at the 'normal' places. Guess I'll have to shop elsewere. If you have a chance you should check out www.wakeupwalmart.com

So..... what do you think? Does it really have mice in it? Hmmmmmmm.....
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  1. You know a little mouse 'oil' does the skin wonders! ; )

    That is weird, and if you googled mice it'd prob. just give you a bunch of rodent info! Hmmm...
    what is that?

  2. That is so strange! Did you ever figure this one out? I am curious??? Ewwww.... the thought makes me throw up a bit in my throat. LOL

  3. Could it be a misprint -- "mica?"


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