I LOVE lunch time... all alone... sleeping children... schooled children... just me and my music
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  1. mmmmm, if I am quiet, can I come over and share that with you?


  2. It looks really pretty, and healthy but I would seriously gag if I had to eat a raw tomato! I know, weird.

  3. I LOVE my lunch time as well!! All the older kids are at school and the younger ones are in their rooms sound asleep. It's the best part of my day! I just can't get over how quick the time goes by!!

  4. That looks like heaven. My mouth is watering!

  5. oh, delish! i love quiet lunchtime too. and i could eat 5 raw tomatoes. i love them. in tabouli, though...I'm not a sandwich girl. thanks for the inspiration to take a photo of my lunch. your photography inspires and amazes me each time! what a fun blog to click over to. I never know what awaits!


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