Do we EVER learn?

Do you notice that nice spikey patch on top of G.W.'s head? Sometime... Somewhere... Somehow... he found a pair of sissors and decided he should cut his hair. I say "do we ever learn" because this HAS happened before. Twice I believe. And I think I said I was going to keep the sissors up HIGH... but that seems so much easier to say than to do... especially when Grayson and Vance are art-o-holics and there is always art supplies out... including sissors. So....huffff.... it's just hair! :) and I dare say... it looks kind of cute.
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  1. It looks really cute, actually!!

  2. It does look cute!

    That happened to Mr. Cole. A nice chunk right down to the scalp!

  3. I keep waiting for that to happen... that's a rite of passage for every kid, right?!

  4. It does look cute. And it makes a funny story too.
    I'm getting ready to cut the boys hair today, and I'm sure Tommy will end up with spikey hair too.


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