Ozzie looks... Ozzie likes...

Ozzie was 9 days old for Christmas last year so needless to say... he didn't really get a good look at the tree. This year though... that's a different story. He looked, he touched, he played, he screamed, he smiled, he waved his hands wildly, he LOVES the tree.
He took that ornament off the tree probably 10 times... he would get it off, give it to me and i would put it back on... it was a grand time had by all. He's SO into the tree now I had to move all but 3-4 unbreakable ornaments up higher. With the big bulbs this year they practically look like ornaments so it's not a big deal.

If you have little ones... do they play with the tree? Did you leave the bottom empty too?

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  1. Oh he is super cute!! Love his huge smile!

    My 9 month old doesn't really mess with the tree all that much. He did at first but got bored with the tree when he discovered the presents underneath...now there are NO presents under the tree so Cade wouldn't rip them all apart.

  2. Um, I wouldn't really know, since our tree is STILL not lit or decorated. Oh, plus it's on a table, so it would be hard to reach.

    SOoooo, Ozzie's birthday must be December 16!?!? Because Kieran was 9 days old on HIS first Christmas! Yup, that's his birthday, too! This Sunday, he'll be 3. Sniff, sniff.

  3. Yep, My tree is now bare below. And ornaments are still being used as bracelets.

    Happy Birthday to Ozzie! He is CUTE!

  4. Look at that happy little sweetie! Gorgeous pictures!

  5. Judah's first year we did the ornaments on the upper half of the tree-thing. Last year we did a small 5 foot tree on a coffee table, but this year Daniel said he's old enough to obey us when we say "Leave it alone."
    It's true, he still grabs at some ornaments but he's done really well. I let him touch and feel the ornaments but not take them off. I have enjoyed every minute of watching him love on our tree.

    Ozzie's faces are priceless. There is nothing like seeing Christmas through a child's eyes. I love how you captured his fascination. He's so happy to bring you his treasure!



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