that's it!

Im closing my e-mail closing my pictures turning off the screen. Ive done nothing but work on the computer all day bills, researching holistic dentistry, finding a dentist, editing session pictures, etcetera etcetera. Well, I have some things other than sit in front of this gleaming screen.

Ive changed 6 diapers, dressed one child 3 times, made 2 different breakfast meals for 5 people, packed one lunch, made 4 snacks, cooked lunch for 4 people, did all the dishes, nursed a baby 4 times, washed, dried, folded and put away 2 loads of laundry and one sleeping bag, fed one cat, took the trash out twice, took the recycling out 3 times, took 1 child to school, sort through our kid cup drawer for bad plastic, changed 2 light bulbs, cared for 3 boo-boos, monitored the kids painting activity, started dinner, started washing diapers and its 5pm.

So Im shutting down Ive done all this yet I feel like Ive accomplished nothing my kids are running wild, the baby is cranky, I have a headache and its all because of this dang computer. I swear! Ill be gone………. For 24 hours thats my pledge

Peace out


  1. This afternoon/evenings been bad over here also. All the kids are either fighting or crying and 1 that's sick.

    Hope your able to get some quiet relaxation now!

    See you in 24 hrs. ;)

  2. Isn't it amazing what mothers do in one day? Good luck on your 24 hours of no computer. I hope you find time to relax.


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