Soy is a junk food.... what?!?

So.... apparently my comment about cutting out all soy made a few people go hummmmm. So I thought I would share with you all why... soy IS junk food.

Now I must say... I do not have a degree, certification, or any offical schooling in the field of soy beans. BUT I have done a lot of research and talked with our holistic doctor and everything I'm saying I believe 'right now' to be true and the best decision for OUR health. So read, learn, and don't be mad at me if you have to change your diet because you read this. :)

Here are a few basic facts about soy beans...

a long time ago the USA noticed that women in Asia had lower rates of breast cancer and had less menopause symptoms... so we decided soy MUST be good and we MUST put it in everything. What they failed to realized is that the women did eat soy but they ate small amounts of fermented soy and they didn't eat it in EVERYTHING.

Our bodies are not meant to digest soy in it's unfermented state... it is hard on the body. It causes hormone problems, digestive problems and more. A small amount wouldn't be half bad but... I don't know if you've noticed....SOY is in everything.... soy oil, soy flour, soy beans, soy nuts, isolated soy protein (the worst), soy milk, tofu..... it's just too much of the wrong kind of soy.

Soy also contains goitrogens - substances that depress thyroid function. (any women out there have thyroid problems???)

99% a very large percentage of soy is genetically modified and it also has one of the highest percentages contamination by pesticides of any of our foods.

Soybeans are high in phytic acid, present in the bran or hulls of all seeds. It's a substance that can block the uptake of essential minerals - calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc - in the intestinal tract.

They acid wash in aluminum tanks leaching high levels of aluminum into the final product.

I could go on and on.... do you still want to eat soy??? If not, try these easy suggestions for eliminating soy.

You'll have to be very cautious with what you buy... soy is in LOTS of processed foods AND health foods. Just because it says all natural or healthy or whatever lie they put on the front of the box doesn't mean it is.

Try rice or almond milk instead of soy milk

try temphe (fermented soy) instead of tofu

breast milk instead of soy formula... don't hate me

stay away from veggie meats.... they are loaded with msg and unfermented soy protein isolate

goat cheese instead of soy cheese

here are a few links to some articles if you want to read more....

Avoid soy

Soy, the good and the bad

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Soy, the cause or the cure

if you still want more info e-mail me or leave a comment with your email.


  1. I was wondering why you cut soy I know! Luckily, I guess, we've never been tofu/soy fans. I just like roasted soy nuts on my that the bad type?!

    Good luck with your chicken eating (are you eating it too?)!

    Thanks for the info!

  2. PLEASE tell me you're joking!! Crap. What the heck CAN we EAT?? Oh, no. Any suggestions?

  3. I say if you don't grow yourself you shouldn't eat it. It seems like these days there are not enough hours in the day. I would love to be able to grow my own garden and animals for food. But soy has been over rated and like everything else out there that is commericalized it is bad for you in the long run.

  4. VERY good information! Hmmm, thanks for the food for thought. SO, what are the good ways to eat soy? Or are there any? Also, it may be "junk food" but that is a fabulously gorgeous photo of the little buggers. I'd frame that baby and put it on my wall!

  5. You are so well informed. Good for you! I have pretty much been checking your site instead of doing my own research. teehee. Thanks to you, I have cut out Splenda from my morning coffee routine.
    Thanks for the info, and good luck with your chicken. Good stuff!

  6. Oh no, that's all my milk-allergy DD drinks. Probably 2 gallons a week, no lie. She loves it. Of course, other than breast milk, that's all she's ever known.
    We've never tried rice milk.

    Can you believe I sat in a panel discussion tonight, among 8 moms (inc. me) & I was the only one who doesn't allow junk food, soda & candy for my kiddos? Yikes. And then it's amazing how it immediately puts moms on the defense, JUST at the mere mention of our rule.

    Anyway, I'm beginning to do some of my own research -- but it's so nice to read your tid bits. Keep'em comin'.


  7. Good for you for sharing what other options we have instead of soy. I've known for a while that soy messes with our estrogen levels and have avoided it. BUT I didn't think to watch for it as an ingredient in processed food. Thanks for the insight. Have you ever read anything by Dr. Joseph Mercola? He's my go-to guy for cutting edge, alternative health information. It's because of him that we drink raw milk and are careful about many other mainstream pitfalls in household products and foods. If you are interested in some of the things we've changed in our house, search my blog for "thirteen changes our family has made"

  8. last year when I was nursing, I cut out dairy because it gave my son gas. I switched to soy milk and 2 months later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I never made the connection until I read your blog. Thanks

  9. I don't do soy. Even when I had to go dairy-free when I breast-fed my Joy, I didn't supplement with any soy. I didn't do the research you did, but the little I looked into it, I decided I did want that for us.

  10. I learned from you a long time ago that soy is bad. What would I do without you??
    It amazes me how many people don't know it's bad and they look at me like I have 10 heads when I tell them that it's bad. Then they just say "everything's bad for you". UGH!

    Now what's this about splenda? I must have missed that!

  11. I just re-read my post. I meant DIDN'T want that for us.

    Oh, and Splenda is scary stuff!

  12. Carrie @ 4 the love of family told me to come and read this post. I've decided that I want to go vegetarian as I've been teetering on the edge of it for some time. This post is quite informative but somehow makes it a bit overwhelming too. So many things to really keep in mind. I had heard in passing before that soy wasn't good for you but without any reasons and whatnot. Definitely an eye opener.

  13. I would like to challenge you to look at some of the scientific research on soy. (The links you posted are not research-based.)

    Soy is actually an incredibly-healthy protein substitute and much of what you posted is not actually true.

  14. I also wanted to add (though I can't find the link I'm looking for) that a major cause of endometriosis seems to be leaning towards being caused from soy. Endo is one of the major leading causes of infertility...thankfully I was not infertile (and have a beautiful 8 month old to boot!!!), but I do suffer from endo...and was given soy formula as a child.

    That's a big no no in our house and our little one only enjoys breastmilk!!!

  15. Our family has always avoided soy for many of the reasons that you mentioned.

    Honestly, if we would just eat food, all food in moderation and in an unprocessed form, we would be much better off, real butter, real whole, raw milk, bread made from real freshly, ground wheat (imagine that), fruits and vegetables. Instead we substitute and process and invent "new" "improved" food.

    I believe that the food that God created, as close to the form it was created in will be the best for us in the long run.


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