Weekly Wrap


Just a little bit about what's been going on this week... random thoughts of the mind...

1. I found a new favorite artist and a really favorite song... The unwinding cable car by Anberlin. It's on my playlist towards the bottom... you have to listen to it. It's awesome. I love songs that you can feel through your whole body and I LOVE that there are so many wonderful, talented & amazing Christian artists out there now. It rocks!

2. Ozzie isn't sleeping well, especially this week, he keeps waking up at 4am???? I'm going to our dr. on Tuesday and I'm going to have her muscle test him and maybe give him an adjustment... could this be the result of his spill out of the stroller a month ago?

3. as I already posted... I found AWESOME twin beds at Goodwill for the boys. I already put them up and took down the loft and bunkbed... now we just need to put the loft bed up in Grayson's room.

4. My back HURTS... which is why I'm going to the chiro on Tuesday and taking Ozzie... my back doesn't hurt because I emptied the van, loaded 2 twin beds in, unloaded 2 twin beds, took them both up the stairs, took down a loft bed, took down a bunkbed, moved a dresser, put 2 twin beds up, carried the bunkbed downstairs, carried the loft to Grayson's room, and carried a 24 lb. baby 12 hours a day all week. No that's not why my back hurts. :)

4. I ate too much Halloween candy and now I don't feel good. OY! I hate that feeling when your body just doesn't feel right because you haven't put good food in it. I should know better.

5. Paul bought a new car... it's nice... I like it... mine's still nicer. :) No really it's great and he needed a new car.

6. My in-laws are coming this weekend and my husband didn't tell me until Wednesday so I'm trying to get the house cleaned up which I'm SO behind on right now.

7. I'm really really trying hard to find balance between my husband, the kids, the house and myself right now... it's hard...

That's about it.... isn't this a great idea!

Okay... so I totally stole this idea from another blogger... named Brittany... isn't it cool!
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  1. Wow they're good! Anberlin. Thanks for mentioning it because I've been looking for some good Christian music. Sadly I have to say that when I turn on the Christian station in our area I get a little embarrased and have to change it after a song or two....

    I had to laugh about the bunk bed ordeal. Only because I did just about the same thing a few months ago when we moved the big boys downstairs. And why we can't wait until our husbands get home?? ; )
    Hope the chiro helps!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Isn't this weekly wrap ordeal fun? I believe there are a few others out there who borrowed the idea, too :)

    As for the Christian Music. I am not sure where you live, but there is a radio station called Radio U that plays all "harder" rock Christian music. I listen to it all of the time. They are located in Westerville, Ohio and they stream live VIA the web at www.radiou.com- they rock and they play Anberlin.

    Have a great weekend! :)


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