flowers for mom


I am always getting showered with flowers (from my 'little' boys) around here... and last night was no exception. G.W. picked me some mums, roots and all. He rode up on his red trike with the flowers & blankie in tow and said "these are for you mom, you're so beautiful, I love you" How could you not want to hug and squeeze him... he's so dang cute! I love my boys!
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  1. I get flowers just like this. There are days during the summer that the all of my tiny drinking glasses are being used as vases. lol

    Hey, pass me your email address when you have time. I'm switching computers & can't find my old addy book. :)

    PS...we only have leaves left on the tree out front. It's a freak of nature I suppose. It's so pretty though!


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