Opinions Please!!!!


Okay... so I just bought TWO of these white twin beds from Goodwill today. They were $79 each, which is a STEAL. I found them online here for $979 each. Holy cow!

So anyway... my question is this... we have as you know 4 BOYS and normally boys don't have white beds. So... should I paint them red, dark blue, another color, or should I leave them white? I really really can't decide... I'd like to leave them just because I wouldn't have to paint but if I put them up and think they look girly i'll be very annoyed. :)

Please please please leave a comment, I'd SO appriciate it!
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  1. I don't even think anyone would notice they are white if the blankets and walls are boy colors. If the rest of the room is masculine, it won't matter. If the boys get a bit older and don't like the white they can paint it themselves. :)

  2. WOW! What a deal!
    We're looking for 2 twins also...

    I'd leave them white! They can always be painted when the boys are older, and will probably need a fresh coat by then anyway!

  3. I vote for leaving them white, especially since you like them that way. With very "boy" colors of bedding and accesories, it shouldn't look feminine. Congrats on such a good deal!

  4. Thanks everyone for your comment, call, & emails... I did leave them white and they look GREAT! I'll get a picture soon.


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