Want some chlorine in your food today?

Some say, "Well, aspartame is on the way out -- the big sweetener now is Sucralose or Splenda." This is the artificial sweetener that claims to be made from sugar. Well, I suppose you can claim that it starts out as sugar, but it's made by removing some of the atoms from sugar and replacing them with atoms of chlorine, which is of course one of the chemical elements used during the atrocities of World War II to create poison gas, the same element used in chlorine to disinfect pools and public water supplies.

When it's put that way, you might start thinking, "Well, gee, maybe there's something wrong with this sugar, maybe I shouldn't be putting chlorine atoms into my body." Would you go out and drink chlorine? If you know anybody who works on pools, or who has a pool maintenance business, they will tell you that chlorine gas will kill you. In fact, just to handle chlorine, they have to wear protective rubber gloves and protective respiration devices, because if they get chlorine powder wet and touch it or inhale it, they are in for a world of hurt. Chlorine gas can cause serious injury or even death. In fact, if you just take household ingredients like chlorine bleach and mix it with ammonia, you will create a highly toxic gas that will literally kill you, which is why these products often contain warnings that they should not be mixed.

And yet, in our food supply, we take chlorine atoms and we attach them to molecules that used to be sugar, and we call that a safe sweetener. And now we're putting it into all kinds of foods, whether it's soft drinks, muffins, pancake mixes and pretty much everything in the low-carb arena. I'm not sure people realize that they are actually ingesting chlorine atoms. Maybe they're too dazed from the fluoride.


  1. I knew there was something shady about that stuff! Thanks..

  2. I've stayed away from it too...thinking that in 20 years they'll have a link to cancer from it.
    Chlorine atoms.
    Hmm...Makes me want to throw all the boxed food in my pantry away!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. I haven't ever taken the time to research Splenda but I always thought it wasn't quite right. I've never, nor will I ever, intentionally ingest the stuff. Scary, scary.
    I actually took some time this afternoon to look at Xylitol. The gum I buy has that as the sweetener- my mom told me it was "safe" but I needed to know for myself. Pretty interesting.

    It's amazing what people will ingest - aspartame, splenda, msg - for just a few moments of yummy taste on our taste buds....

  4. I know aspartame and splenda are not good for us but the chemical make up is not equal to that of chlorine...

    And we drink chlorine everyday in our tap water. However, if we didn't have chlorine in our water, we would be drinking far more deadly things... deseased that used to kill people by the thousands.

    And bottled water? Well it is most often just tap water put in a bottle. Same difference except it results in tonnes of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere due the processing and shipping of it.

    Progress right?


    Good post Brittany. This world of our is seriously messed up. Buy and eat local!

  5. Besides, it's pretty expensive compared to regular sugar. I knew I should feel good about my plain old sugar addiction. :)

  6. Icky. Icky. Icky. Icky.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Not natural usually means: Icky!

  7. Oops, I use that sometimes- not often. I like it too. I may stop using it altogether- I'll just risk gaining weight by using regular ol' sugar! =P

  8. Well, that is just creepy. And to think the FDA says that Splenda is the SAFE one to use for pregnant women. AH!
    Thanks for the info!

  9. Personally, I *heart* splenda. I use stevia a lot too (more so than Splenda). I know stevia is better as far as alternative sweeteners go. However, stevia isn't great to bake with like Splenda. To each their own I suppose. I should change my user name to "labrat". lol

    PS...my buddy got that picture from http://www.personalizationmall.com/Product.aspx?productID=6897&sdest=home :)

  10. Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one talking to people about this stuff. Most people still think fluoride is good for you! They have no idea...


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