Just Say No To Prescription Drugs

I could write a page full on this... but I won't... just read the title. It says it all! I'm pondering the idea of starting a health news blog so those of you who don't share my crazy passion for all things health related won't have to be annoyed. :)

Whatcha' think??
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  1. Or you could just post a link to the article you're quoting from News Target or whatever source you're gathering info. Then people could pick & choose whether they want to go read the article. Just an idea. That would keep you from needing another blog. I know you'd rather spend time with the boys vs. blogging all the time. :)

  2. My youngest is on a steroid (he had failure to thrive) now and I keep bugging his endocrinologist to let me take him off it. I secretly have halved his dosage amount. ;) He is still growing- almost better than ever. I told his doctor that and he insisted I keep giving it to him. I don't think he needs it and I fear it is causing more harm than good. He always threw up allot as an infant (still does sometimes...) and I believe it was partly due to the steroid. Our chiropractor/canisioligist (sp?) friend told us steroids will prevent his intestines from growing or healing correctly. Hmmm...makes sense why he throws up so much. Dumb doctors never listen to me...I am also personally very 'iffy' about prescription drugs...

  3. I do share your passion, so either way is fine by me! ;)

  4. I share your passion as well... I am soaking up all this info on your blog!! I'd love more health info, so if another blog is the way to get more of it then I'll for it.


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