Oh my... was it an awesome day... the day Gavin received a gift in the mail. See... Gavin still has a blankie and he has no intentions of letting it go anytime soon. We are trying to limit to his room... but even that is hard... he REALLY loves his blankie and the duckie on the blankie. Last year his blankie had an unfortunate mishap, I'm not sure what happened all I know is it came home from Nana & Papa's house ripped open and it just kept getting worse and worse until it was literally in two. Gavin was beside himself wanting me to fix it but it was just too ripped in all the wrong places to stitch it up without re-creating the blanket. So buy a new one you say... well... it's from Carter's and apparently Carter's 'discontinues' their security blankets every 6 months. I'm not sure what retard thought that one up. Anyway... I checked eBay and people know it's hard to find so they are trying to sell them for *gasp* $90. I was not going to pay that for a blankie... So I posted on Freecycle It's awesome if you haven't heard of it... you must check it out. Anyway... this wonderfully kind and generous women who doesn't even live here but used to was still checking the local freecycle and saw my post and contacted me to let me know she posted to her local freecycle as well. Great I thought... but didn't really think we would find anything! Well... she did and she met the person and picked it up and mailed to us. What a gracious loving gift! GW is so thrilled... it has warmed all of our hearts. Small acts of kindness can travel so far and touch so many hearts.
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  1. I *love* the blankie against the face shot. Please tell me he's sucking his thumb! Riley does that with her "baby". She started off with 4 babies (the quads). We bought all of them up once we realized she had become attached. Anyway, we're down to just twins now. One got lost somewhere along the way. The other was given to her best friend (awwww). She's only allowed to suck her thumb & "sniff" her baby up in her room now....but I love watching her do it. It reminds me of when she was so small. A time when baby went everywhere Riley did. Anyway, it's a sweet picture. And God bless the woman who found the blanket for you! I remember you posting about that back when the Bees were still together. Who knew a blanket would go for 90??? Sheesh!

  2. What a wonderful story and this freecyle site sounds fabulous... what a great idea!


  3. I've heard of Freecycle but have never checked it out. Perhaps I should.

    Either of my kids would be exceptionally lost without their blankies. I love the look of anticipation of Gavin's face when he was opening the package!

    I just have to say the person who made the discontinue the security blanket rule after 6 months is NOT a parent. No parent would ever do that. Seriously.



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