3 steps...


Okay... horrible pictures I know... but they are the only pictures I have of this GLORIOUS event. None of the pictures even show it but Hey! Are you ready?!?... I'm not... OZZIE TOOK 3 STEPS ON HIS OWN! I can hardly believe it. We were standing in the kitchen and Ozzie was standing there dancing to the charlie brown song (this is another post... but I must catch in on video first) and then he stopped and just took 3 steps towards dad. It was so cool... my little man is getting so big. Wow!
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  1. Those pants are ADORABLE!

    The first steps are so exciting - Yay for Ozzie!

  2. I love first steps - but I always feel a little sad even in my happiness. I'm never quite ready for the growing up part.

    Those pants are rockin'!


  3. Okay, I didn't see this post before I commented on the previous one. Now I know that shirt must be Oink, because those pants are, too, right? I know them!

    And: Yeah, Ozzie! Congrats!

    And: I really love reading your blog....another mom who loves writing about her kids AND loves photography. Yum!


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