Say Hello... Say Goodbye...


I haven't been able to post all week because of 'firewall' issues... my brilliant, genius, awesome husband fixed it for me... but I did have to wait all week because yes, he does have a job, and those 'computer things' are much more important, and the bathroom, and thanksgiving, and playing with the kids, and cooking & doing dishes... but now it's fixed! Yeah!

So... Gavin came home last weekend and it was wonderful! We missed him so much. But then... I had to say Good-bye to Vance. :( He left last Sunday night with Nana & Papa and we will meet tomorrow to pick him up. It's been a VERY LONG week without him. I miss his smile, his hugs, seeing him quietly drawing at the table & so much more. This family NEEDS Vance. Gavin and Grayson have had a hard time without him and Ozzie and Vance have such a bond... I know Ozzie has been looking for him. But the time is getting closer... I can't wait to see him tomorrow.
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