Where does the time go?

My baby... I mean BIG kid... started 1st grade. I remember when Grayson was a baby sitting with Paul in our small apartment talking about what it would be like to have a 6 year old... it seemed SO FAR AWAY. So far away we couldn't even fathom... but we did it... we blinked and it's here... and my sweet son is in school all day. It's so bittersweet... I'm so happy for him yet sad at the same time. For now he's happy and seems to be enjoying school... but I'm still not closed on the idea of homeschooling next year. We'll just have to wait and see.

It was raining on the first day so we couldn't walk... but all was well anyway. :)

Here's Grayson walking in with his best friend Alec... they aren't in the same class this year but they get to enjoy recess together.

And here is 'the gang' missing Ozzie and Ava but it won't be long until they are walking along side these crazies!
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  1. hey brittany,
    This is ur cousin Lacey. I know what you mean where did all the time go. I just found some old pictures of you me and ashley at my mom's wedding. It is so crazy to think that wasn't to long ago. Oh yea, and now here u are with 5 boys plus I have a daughter. Life is crazy isnt it. Well I hope to here from you soon.


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