Where does the time go? Part 2

Seriously here... what happened? Where did all my babies go? Okay... one's on my lap right now. :) But really?! I always joke about putting bricks on the boys heads to keep them small forever. If only that really worked. I love having little men running around... hanging on mommy... asking me to lay with them at night... climbing in my lap... asking me to carry them when they're tired. It all just went by to fast... all I really did was blink a few times... I swear!!
Vance LOVES school... he didn't even cry on the first day... I had a few tears but no one knew. :) He was humming and singing and looking all around. He's only 16 months younger than Grayson but he seems so much younger to me... I know he's going to change and grow so much this year in kindergarten... I know it will be good for him.
Look at that smile! I'm going to have to go find the picture of Grayson when I picked him up after his first day... it didn't look like this. Ha!
2020..... that's just 13 blinks away!
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  1. I LOVE the name Vance! It is my great grandfathers name, I tried to convince Daniel to name our first baby that if it was a boy but, no dice. I think he might be more amicable now, I'll have to try it out again see if it sticks with this baby. :)

    Glad he enjoyed his first day! I second the bricks idea!


  2. Thanks! We love the name too... it fits him SO WELL! Good luck with the hubby... I wasn't so okay with it at first... but now I have no idea what I was thinking!

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