This little baby....

is crawling! How does time go so fast... it feels like just yesterday he was a tiny newborn. He's SO BIG now! He is crawling from room to room, pulling himself up on everything, clapping his hands, saying da-da - ma-ma - and all sorts of other noises, he plays peek-a-boo, walks while you're holding him, picks up small thing with 2 fingers. I just can't believe it! He's not a little new-baby anymore. He's a mobile little boy! Oh how I love him so... he is just the sweetest baby we could have ever imagined.

I'm going to get some 8 month pictures of him in the next few days and i'll post.

Here is his newborn 2 day old picture.
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  1. It's amazing how quickly they grow! My baby is going to be 2 in a few short months - it feels like I was just holding him in my arms for the first time.

    This picture is just beautiful.


  2. Amazing picture! They do grow too fast!

    Have fun keeping up with your handsome little guy. : )


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