Sunday at Nana & Papa's

Another Sunday at Nana and Papa's... the boys have so much fun. Even though Uncle Nick isn't there anymore. Uncle Mitchell and his girlfriend Megan were though. On the way over the boys were talking and this is how it went....

Gavin: "My girlfriend is going to be there"
Grayson: "it's not your girlfriend it's Mitchells"
Gavin: "No it's Nicks girlfriend"
Grayson: "Nick's in California... it's Mitchells girlfriend"
Vance: "No... we're in California"
Gavin: "It's my girlfriend... ha... ha... ha"
Mom: "Silly boys... Megan is Mitchell's girlfriend... you're much to young for her Gavin and boys... Nick is in Texas and we don't live in California... you've never been to California"
Boys: ....... no response......


Here's dad watching the game with Ozzie and his computer... they start so young.

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  1. They are so sweet and handsom. I could take a bite out of Ozzie!!! They are all getting so big. That picture on the bottom of Ozzie's face is CUTE!

  2. Little boys say funny things :)
    Do you guys have a tradition of going over there most every Sunday? Sounds like fun family time!


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