Wordless Wednesday...

Yet another 'new' posting idea... it's amazing all the great ideas you find when you start looking at other peoples blogs. :)
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  1. Fantastic shot!
    I must copy the idea for next photo shoot, it's just so much fun!

    Love the music too, will be back wo visit your blog again!

  2. What a fun photo! I love the action it portrays. The boot really make it!

    I love(ed) doing cartwheels! I think I'd probably seriously hurt myself if I tried to do one today, though. It would be very, very ugly.


  3. Flying while wearing boots? I didn't know that was possible! COOL!!!! I'll have to try it.

  4. Thanks for stopping my blog the other day! Your boys are so precious! I love looking at your photos. Do you do it professionally? I'm looking into taking some classes. I'm hoping to get a good camera for Christmas.


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