One of those days...

OY! That about sums up the way I feel today. I'm still fighting off a cold I think... maybe it's allergies too? Plus I have a small -for me- headache... I feel like my head is in a cloud. I sat down earlier... 3 hours ago... to write but couldn't escape for even a few minutes without something going wrong. I feel like I haven't done anything productive today at all... even with the kids. This is what we have done..............

*the boys didn't have school yesterday or today so I was SO HOPING that I could sleep in... just maybe a few extra minutes. Well yesterday didn't work so I was really hoping for today. Umm... yeah... that didn't work either, even though we let the two big boys stay up late... they still didn't sleep in. That never works.

*I picked Ozzie up this morning and set him on our bed only to discover his diaper was leaking and it was on my bed now.

*at breakfast Vance poured a bowl of cereal ate it and when back for more... he poured another HUGE bowl and then decided to color on the box of cereal.. completely losing interest in his food.... then it was soggy and he didn't want it. Well... it was HUGE... did I say HUGE bowl FULL. It had to of been 2 dollars worth of granola plus the rice milk. Yeah... he was eating it today even if it took him all day. So I picked that battle and sat there with him for 30 minutes while he sat there with his mouth sewn shut... until all the sudden he just decided to eat it and it was... GOOD.

*Grayson rented a Pokemon movie at the library yesterday... I think they make the kids go mad I swear. After they watched a 15 minute episode they started wrestling on the couch... which is fine usually but this turned into a mean wrestling match and Grayson got really angry and started being way to rough... so I had to put an end to that.

*Gavin was following Grayson around begging for gum... Grayson said No... over and over and over again. Gavin just kept begging so I had a little talk with Grayson and he then decided he would share a half piece with Gavin... which was great... and Gavin took the gum and said thank you. Then they proceeded to fight over the same silly toy... which ended in Gavin screaming and Grayson storming up the stairs yelling "i'll never share anything with Gavin again" and slamming his door. OY! OY! OY!

*Gavin can't find his blankie... which is the WORST possible thing right now.

*Ozzie missed his morning nap because he was woke up about 15 minutes into from little punk brothers.

*We have small group tonight and I have to bring the snack. I don't know what's wrong with me... I HATE bringing food. It makes me anxious, nervous, annoyed. I don't get it. I cook at home all the time... but when it comes to bringing it somewhere else. I just freeze. What's wrong with me?

*Oh and the dog keeps whining to go out even though he's been out 5 times already.

*and I don't have any chocolate in the house... and even if I did I don't have any bananas. I am OBSESSED with melting dark chocolate and adding a bit of peanut butter and dipping bananas in it. OH MY! But i don't have any!!!

*(I wrote this earlier)... Now Gavin and Vance are fighting over the guitar... we have THREE of them. Oh he just threw it. That's wonderful. So now Gavin is in time out and Vance is playing the guitar and Ozzie is sitting there watching him playing clapping his hands. I need to go get the camera. Oh something that's making me smile today. Yeah! I need more of those...

*The day is better at the moment... Gavin is asleep... Ozzie is asleep... the dog is asleep... the other two are playing with friends next door. But I still don't feel good and I haven't made snack for group tonight. But I have cute pictures to share in a minute. :)
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  1. Ahh...yes, that about sums it up.
    Although a new phrase in our house is "Well I'm not your brother anymore" with a fold of the arms and a "humph". Tough luck on that one!
    Thanks for sharing your "fun day" I enjoyed reading it and had to chuckle even though I'm sure it wasn't very funny at the moment!
    Have a good rest of the weekend!


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