Music or No Music?!?

So I know someone reads my blog besides me... ha! Maybe not but if you do PLEASE leave your comment on this post. Paul and I have been 'discussing' my music on my blog. He says it alfjlsdfjlsdkjfdlsjfdslfj.... basically not cool and I should take it down because not everyone wants to hear my music. I like it. *grin* I don't think any of the songs are too annoying and you can turn it down of off if you want. I really would like it up on the right side so you can see it right away instead of at the bottom. But anyway..... I said I would ask everyone who reads my blog if I should take the music off or leave it????
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  1. I always have my speakers off because I usually blog during naptime. I turned them on and I like it. Kind of funky and fun.


  2. Love the music. Keep it :)

  3. We've got the same taste in music so I enjoy hearing your player - when our speakers WORK!!

    Keep it, it's not distracting and like you said anyone can turn it down. : )

  4. Sometimes I sneak a peak of your blogs while I'm at work, so if I have the speakers on, I have to quick turn them off or I'll get caught! When nobody's around I leave it on and some of the music makes me smile, then some of it gets annoying so I turn it off. Keith prefers it off--he says it's distracting from the beautiful words and pictures you post. I agree that the pictures and words are always beautiful since we miss all of you terribly.
    Nana Trice

  5. I just left a comment above... love the music, and now when scrolling down your posts.. OMG girl, you know how to take great photos! Visiting first time, and I'm so glad I found your blog from the Wordless Wednesday!

  6. Just found you...gorgeous photos and the music is a great soundtrack for them!


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