Thankful Thursday...

I see different ideas here and there on other peoples blogs about unique 'day titles' but I normally just pass them by. This one really got's such a wonderful idea. We all need to think more about what we are thankful for. I know I get stuck thinking about what I need to get done, what I need to buy, what I need to do, etc.... when I really should think about all I have, all I've gotten done and more... So... here is my 1st THANKFUL THURSDAY.

I am so very thankful ..

..each and everyday for the 5 boys in my life... without them I am nothing... with them I am everything

..for Gods grace... each and everyday

..for my mobility, that I can carry my boys, run, jump, play and more

..for my washer & dryer

..for my black and white tile floor (silly I know but I've always wanted a kitchen with black & white checkered floor)

..for my camera

..for the stained glass my mother recently gave me... it was her mothers and even though she died when I was 3 I remember it in her home.

..for my husbands brilliant mind... he amazing me each and every day

..for my blog... I love posting... it's my journal and I hope one day my boys will look back at it and enjoy each and every moment saved in time

..for the trees... I LOVE trees... our world would look so bland without them... but we all know God isn't bland so we have trees. :)

..for my body.. that I could carry 4 amazing little boys inside.

There are so many more things I'm thankful for but I have to save some for next Thursday. :)

I'm also thankful to Iris who hosts this each week... what a wonderful idea!


  1. Glad you joined in the Thankful Thursdays. I'm a newbie too, I did my second one this week.

    I enjoyed your list!

    Blessings to you.

  2. Beautiful list of thankfulness! These children God gives us are amazing! Hubbies, too:-)

  3. Welcome to thankful thursday, glad you joined us. I enjoyed your thankful list, bless you.

  4. Don't know if I left that comment right or not so I will try again. I enjoyed your list. Looking forward to reading more in your future entires. I to have four dc. 3 boys and 1 little girl. Welcome to Thankful Thursday:)

  5. How funny that you wrote your washer and dryer! I did too! So glad you joined in - although I didn't even realize it til today! I will be sure to look for you next Thursday.


  6. Thank you everyone for your comments! I love comments. :) I can't wait till next Thursday... I have so much I'm thankful for.



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