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It's very unusual for me to post without pictures... but I am today. Here's just a little bit of what we've been up to...

Grayson officially can ride on two wheels... he just figured it out one day and off he went. Papa Craig bought him a very cool retro looking orange helmet. It's really very cool... I have pictures but they are still on my camera.

Papa Craig came to visit for a night, we had a great time!

Nana Karen came over for the all horse parade that goes by our house every year. It's really an awesome parade. The boys loved it.

Gavin and his friend Benji got the blueberry syrup out of the fridge and drank most of it... what they didn't drink they (Gavin) dumped on the dog. Then the dog decided he must run around the house rubbing on things to get it off. It was a grand mess and so much fun to clean up. OY!

Almost a week ago Ozzie took a dive out of the stroller on our way home from the Open house at school. He scuffed up his left cheek, forehead and eye. Poor boy... but he's healing quite well. what a trooper.

UGGG... our first sickness of the season... we've literally been healthy since last year and now Ozzie isn't feeling well... it's some kind of respiratory virus I think. Dad's going to make him some echinachia tea tonight when he gets home. I think his immune system is down from his little stroller dive and his body being out of whack and trying to heal his face. Poor baby. :(

Update on my headache/migraines... they have been non-existent if I stay away from MSG and soy. We went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant Sunday after the horse parade and I think the rice or the spinach mix had MSG in it because I had a headache all day yesterday. Everyone thinks MSG is easy to stay away from but it's NOT. It's hidden in so many things... especially health foods which we buy.

These ALWAYS contain MSG
Glutamate, Glutamic acid, Gelatin,Monosodium glutamate, Calcium caseinate, Textured protein,Monopotassium glutamate, Sodium caseinate, Yeast nutrient,Yeast extract, Yeast food, Autolyzed yeast,Hydrolyzed protein,(any protein that is hydrolyzed) Hydrolyzed corn gluten

These OFTEN contain MSG or create MSG during processing
Carrageenan, Maltodextrin, Malt extract,Natural pork flavoring, Citric acid, Malt flavoring,Bouillon and Broth, Natural chicken flavoring, Soy protein isolate,Natural beef flavoring, Ultra-pasteurized, Soy sauce,Stock, Barley malt, Soy sauce extract,Whey protein concentrate, Pectin, Soy protein,Whey protein, Protease, Soy protein concentrate,Whey protein isolate, Protease, enzymes, Anything protein fortified,Flavors(s) &Flavoring(s) Anything enzyme modified, Anything fermentedNatural flavor(s)&flavoring(s) Enzymes anything, Seasonings(the word "seasonings" or "spices")

it's really maddening that I've struggled with headaches almost my whole life and this is 'most likely' the cause. But at least I've figured it out now. :)

In other news... my baby is now a bum genius. :) We've switched to cloth diapers and we LOVE them. I wish I would have bought them years ago. I used some with Vance but they were nothing compared to these. These rock, they don't leak, they're all in one, they wash fabulous. and they're cute to boot. I'll take a picture and post soon.

so until then....... SMILE


  1. We don't eat any MSG whatsoever either. It does get really difficult at times to eat out, or even grocery shop at times. I've found that when we do out to eat if I just tell the waitress/waiter I have an MSG allergy she/he will check with the chef about the food I am ordering. They take it very seriously with lawsuits and all.

    I end up feeling like I have the flu if I eat MSG. Not fun at all.


  2. That's funny I was just checking out those diapers but couldn't handle the price for just the couple months left that Ella would be wearing them! I wish I would of tried them sooner also.

    What doesn't have msg in it, wow!
    So a fruit and veggie diet would be safe. I've got to start watching what I eat (or reading the labels for any of that). Sigh.

    Loved the syrup story, sounds like something one of mine would do!


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