what my house says

For years I've been fooled... If you've been to my house in the past you will know that our home is *almost* always picked up, I clean the toilet daily, the laundry is washed, folded & put away before lunch, the wood floors were swept and the tile was cleaned daily, I made all the beds every morning and picked up the toy room everynight. So.... the house was clean. I thought that that made me... sucessful... like I had earned the right to be a mother & a wife because I could 'do it all'. I thought that if someone stopped by and saw a mess in my house they would think... it's because she's a young mom or it's because they have too many kids or it's because she's just lazy.

WOW! I was wrong! Some of you who visit frequently may have noticed a little 'change' in our home... and you may have even thought it was because we have a 4th child and I just can't keep up anymore... But really... it's the best thing ever! My house now says that I played with my kids, I gave them my time, I enjoyed just being with them, I let them help with the housework... even if it took 4 x's as long and didn't get done the way I usually do it. It says I spent time with my husband instead and doing my 'nightly routine' of picking up and cleaning the house so it's spotless for the morning. It says I can't do it all... without sacrificing my family. And besides... when the boys are grown what are they going to remember... some dirtly laundry in the hall? I don't think so... but I do hope they remember all the fun we had and the love in our home.

Now... don't worry... I do still clean the toilets, sweep the floors, do the laundry, ect.... just not before I've given the best of me to my family. Which means I may not get it done everyday. :)

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  1. I can be put into a bad mood instantly when I wake up knowing the house is a mess!
    I've felt the same thing over the last couple years. And like you said our kids will not remember the mess (or mess to us mom's)but the time we give them.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    from your comment...I'll be on the look out for hidden yeast extract & soy. What types of food
    is it generally found in? Thanks!


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