I can hardly wait for Fall to be here... it's such a wonderful time of year... my favorite by far. I love the smell of fall, the warm (not scorching) sun, the brisk evenings... I love opening up all the windows and feeling the breeze through the house, even when it's slightly chilled. There is something so cozy about fall.... but that means leaving summer behind. Normally I wouldn't even flinch but it's different this year. I never used to pay attention to all the hustle of 'school time' but I have to now that I have 2 in school. It's so odd to think I'm a 'school' mom now. I'm so used to just being a mom to babies and toddlers... now I'm a mom to both.

This week has been especially hard... we have been so blessed the last 8 weeks. We had two wonderful family trips and the best part of all was having Dad home for 7 weeks. It truly was a gift from God... something we never would have imagined. It was so good for all of us... we didn't get any big projects done but we did so many little things I can't even list them all. Dad went back to work and my brother Nick left for Air Force boot camp on Tuesday. Grayson started 1st grade on Wednesday *sniff* and Vance started Kindergarten on Friday *sniff.sniff*. It was such a whirlwind week I haven't had a chance to let it all soak in but it will this week I'm sure. I'll still have Gavin, Ozzie & Buddy but it's just not the same. I'm going to miss them all so much during the day. I know some of you think I'm crazy... I know so many moms who are thrilled to have their kids back in school and would go bonkers if their husbands were home all the time... but not me. I love having them all around... I do have to say I'm going to miss Paul a little bit more than the boys. *grin* But I'm not ready to accept that they'll be gone during the day for the rest of their childhood. That's a whole other issue... ha!

So anyway... as the dust settles around here and the afternoons quiet maybe I'll get caught up on the blog finally... and get a few house projects done.

I had to throw in a picture of Grayson and Buddy... what's a post without a photo!?!
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  1. I feel the same way.....

    Our 2 started school today, I tried not to think about it TOO much!


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