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Why the heck is this in my water?? We don't buy fluoride toothpaste and I've elected to not have the boys have fluoride treatments at the dentist.... but now even our local city water has it in it. Dumb people are so annoying!

Cities actually buy the stuff from coal plants and chemical manufacturers, where it would normally have to be disposed of as a toxic waste chemical if it wasn't sold to towns and cities to be dumped into the water supply. This fluoride byproduct of chemical processing is so toxic that it's a violation of environmental laws to dump it into any river. Yet it's somehow perfectly legal to feed it to infants, children, adults and senior citizens who are drinking from the public water supply. Interesting, huh? It's so toxic that it kills fish, but dentists want your babies to drink it.

This is not complicated, folks. I think that perhaps the only reason anyone still supports fluoride or mercury is because their brains have been affected by the chemicals.
And yes, by the way, it's true that people who handle fluoride have to wear chemical suits, just as shown in this comic. If you drop a bottle of pure fluoride and inhale the fumes or get some on your skin, it can kill you.
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