ramblings of a very pregnant mama

still no baby although I have the any day feeling.
I actually woke up in the middle of the night with strong contractions and thought it might be it,
but I fell back asleep
...and i'm actually glad it wasn't the real thing.

You see, the sniffles and sore throat have invaded our family. sigh.
It's been months and months since we've had even the littlest bit of sickness go through our family
...and now its here and incredibly unwelcomed.

We appear to be beating it pretty good.
Lots of water, tea, smoothies, apple cider & raw honey tonic
and cuddles on the couch.
It could be worse, oh yes it could.
I just hope we can mend before babe makes it's entrance.

I really sort of wanted this little one to have a November birthday,
we don't have any November birthdays and already have a December.
I'm thinking that isn't going to happen now.

The boys are all home from the fields
...all except my hardworking husband.
Who is over 80 miles away today, eeek!
At least I tend to have s.l.o.w labors.

It just came to me last night as I was folding laundry
...I am going to be washing one more persons clothes
and diapers, oh my!
It will just be the new normal soon,
but thinking about it made me gasp a little.

All but 2 of the kids think the baby is a girl now.
My husband thinks it's a girl.
I think it's a girl or a boy. {grin}

I keep imagining the babe in my arms
the smell, the noises, the gaze, oh my!
trying to be patient here.

If you came into our house right now,
aside from an infant seat in the laundry room
...and my big baby belly,
you wouldn't be able to tell we're waiting on a baby.
My babywearing gear and a handful of outfits are tucked away in a dresser,
and besides me what else does baby need?
oh yeah, diapers. I need to order some newborn ones since I sold mine.

I finished my tea, my heating pad just turned off
the boys want me to come see their lego creations
and the girls are asking for help with a craft so I better run
or walk, or waddle, or scoot myself that way. {grin}

oh and I changed my picture storage and privacy settings
...you can still see the pictures on my blog, right?!

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