baby belly catch up

playing a little catch up with belly pictures

:: 34 week baby belly ::

I feel big
but nothing like how giant I felt at 34 weeks with the twins
oh my was I huge!

:: 35 week baby belly ::

41 inches around
35 lbs. heavier

:: 36 week baby belly ::

measuring 35-36cm
hard to measure because the babe is low
38 lbs. heavier
41 inches around
1 cm dilated
50% effaced
babes heart rate was 140's

no swelling
few contraction
feeling quite a bit of right hip pain
sleeping well
slowing down but not nearly as much as with the twins

talked through my birth plan with the doctor
going for a natural water labor this time
delivering in the hospital with our family doctor

finally pulled the baby clothes & diapers from the shop
washed a few white onsies
the girls are loving playing with the baby clothes

:: 37 week baby belly ::


  1. You look gorgeous! I don't think I started following you until after you had your girls so loved looking at your twin belly pics! (Now I have to go back and read more ;)) everytime I see your belly pics on Instagram makes me miss mine! ( I'm Norine18 on there btw)

  2. Um, I can't believe you are this far along! It seems just like yesterday you announced your pregnancy! And I'm totally thinking girl :)

  3. Love the pregnant belly!
    I'm thinking its a boy!


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