the girlies day

our little girls turned FOUR
holy moly our girls are 4

they requested banana pancakes for breakfast
complete with homemade strawberry honey syrup & berry smoothies

they both woke up with smiles
...until Eliza realized that she was not any bigger.
"I'm not four, look at me, I'm still three!"

We all had to convince here that she was indeed four
and it was just an age, not a size.

we sang happy birthday 4 times
and practiced blowing out candles.

we spent the day playing
...swinging, singing, dancing, twirling, 
kitten loving, bike riding, book reading
and talking about being a little bit closer to being a mama

they requested pasta salad for lunch
with oil, vinegar, cucumber, tomatoes, red pepper, hemp seeds & feta
I was happy to oblige.

It took me a little while to create a recipe for their requested strawberry cupcakes.
I was determined to make it sugar free and with real strawberries.
Happy to say I accomplished it and the crowd raved.

after girlie requested quinoa veggie cakes for dinner
we were ready for cupcakes

we sang happy birthday FOUR more times
and they giggled and smiled the whole time

their brothers showered them with attention most of the day
and the girls completely ate it up

Nolia was quite the candle blower
...Eliza had a little trouble

Eliza tried and tried
but just couldn't blow the candle out

she finally asked sister
who tried but stopped and said
"you can do it sister, try again"

and she did
and finally blew her birthday candle out

and that was the girlies day

happy birthday my little girlie loves

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