4 year old Eliza & Nolia

you can both pump on the swings
and can spend hours swinging
...you like to say "fly high high in the sky like a birdie"

you very rarely go anywhere without each other

you hold hands and give each other hugs and kiss
very regularly

Nolia loves any tomato in anything
Eliza only likes orange tomatoes or cooked in food

you both wish your hair was longer
and sometimes straight

you love reading bible stories in the morning

you still sleep in the same bed at opposite ends
and you play footsie at bedtime

Eliza calls lasagna, basagna, and doesn't like it
Nolia loves lasagna-basagna

you want to be mamas when you grow up
and have 10 kids each

you share and play very well together
fights are infrequent and usually short

Eliza loves all things pink-purple
Nolia loves all things purple-pink

you really enjoy counting right now
especially our family
and think it's funny we will soon be 9 and not 8

you love skirts and dresses and tutus
and wear a size 4-5T
and size 10 shoes

Eliza is a bit pickier than Nolia with food
but you both eat a good variety of foods

you pick flowers all the time
and bring them to mama
and I love them, even if they are weeds

your favorite songs are ::
rock my soul, Jesus loves me, twinkle twinkle, panda bear, home, my sunshine
...and many many others

we sing together everynight before bed
and you both sing almost all day

you say funny little phrases like ::
okey-dokey artichokie
awesome opossum
alrighty then

you're both learning to whistle
...Nolia is more interested

you love to color and draw
and are starting to write lots of letters

when you play house you use made up names like ::
casey, katie, brilyn, ava, kayla

you love animals
and have quite a collection of stuffed animals.
the hug, kiss, have babies, nurse babies, lick
most of them have names like...
ella :: the elephant
chompy-stomp :: Ella the elephants mama
koalie :: the koala
Li-li :: the lion
puffet :: the puppy
husk-husk :: the huskey
foxy :: the fox
lambie :: the lamb
peep-peep :: the robin
lick-a-lot :: the black kitten
kiss-a-lot :: the other black kitten
kit-kit :: the baby kitten
share-a-lot :: the pink bunny
not-share-a-lot :: the other pink bunny

you talk about being twins
and how you girls weren't lonely in my belly

you pretend to be help fairies
and run around helping the rest of us
...and your animals & dolls

you both have a very vivid imagination
and spend hours every day playing made up games

you've recently started a "don't want to sit by a boy" phase
and now Ozzie is in the "don't want to sit by a girl" phase
...but you play with Ozzie a lot

you are both still very shy
even with people you see often
...sometimes you'll say "I'm just being shy"

you aren't very interested in movies
but on occasion you will sit and watch
backyardigans, curious george or dora

you know all the colors
sing the alphabet
and can count into the middle 20's

we are learning letter sounds
and you can identify 10-12 letters and their sounds

if you have the choice you will both come with mom
anywhere, anytime

you love Ariel the mermaid
and sometimes call her Orial
...we've only read the books
and what started your love for ariel was a pair of underwear with her picture

you build legos with the boys
and have become quite good at building cars, trucks & houses

you like your door open just a crack at night
and sleep with a pink-purple lava light

you beg your brothers for piggie back rides
and they happily oblige

you love picking basil, greens, peppers and cherry tomatoes
in fact you love it so much....
between you girls and Ozzie I hardly need to pick those

you have a fort in the woods with Ozzie
and will sometimes disappear into the trees
but I can always hear your giggles

you still giggle a lot
about everything and sometimes nothing

you love to help me cook
and can read the measuring cups
and measure ingredients for me

you like to bring things along with us almost everywhere we go
...animals, dolls, books, paper and crayons

you almost always go to the bathroom at the same time
which can be so difficult with only one bathroom

you like to dress alike, but not always.
You both usually talk about it and decide if you want to match

you play outside in the grass, dirt, mud & gravel
usually without shoes

Nolia loves kombucha
Eliza does not

you wear your hair in braids a lot
and do not like to have your hair brushed
...although you're getting better

if one of you gets hurt and cries
the other one usually cries too

you sometimes get yourselves confused when looking at pictures
we think you might be mirror image twins

you are pretty good about picking up your toys
...much better than your big brother Ozzie

your favorite non-imagination games are
uno, fill-er-up, zingo, legos, bingo, pattern blocks, puzzles
...i'm sure there are more, you enjoy games

your kitchen job is to clear the table
and help Vance wash the table

you like to help me fold clothes
and can fold your shirts very well

you talk about seeing the kittens we've lost in heaven
and how they are sleeping in the ground right now
and won't be sick or hurt in heaven

you baby the kittens...
singing them songs and giving them hugs and kisses

you can identify lots of different vehicles
ford, chevy or chevrolet, dodge, honda, gmc
and regularly call them out as we are driving

you give awesome hugs
and always make sure to give all of your brothers hugs before bed

you love life
love your family
love being girly
and love being you

you are amaze me everyday
perfect in every way
knit together in my womb
perfectly made by God
a blessing to our lives
Happy Birthday Girlies

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  1. Oh these girls!! They are so beautiful :) if you don't mind my asking what, if any specific religion are you?


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