early morning talking :: and photos

.hello lovely friends.

I sorta.kinda have a rule about staying off-line on the weekends
but i'm having a bout of insomnia
and i'm pretty good at breaking my own rules. sigh.

I might.sorta. have an addiction to instagram
but the good news is I have almost completely given up facebook and twitter
too much social media causes brain damage, i'm pretty sure. :)

don't worry family and friends
I haven't given up facebook for good, just laying low.
I share some of my instagram photos on facebook too.

this belly is growing
and this baby is moving
it's awesome

You know that look you get when you turn around
and someone realizes you have a big belly
and they might have actually let out a gasp
yeah, that happened to me this week
...the six kids by my side may have contributed to the shock

i'm sorta feeling lonely lately
I have friends, I have family, I have a house-full
but i'm realizing more and more
...that my so called different life choices
have lead me to be not like anyone else. hmmm.

don't get me wrong.
I'm happy with our life and I wouldn't change it
but sometimes I just wish I had more friends
...you know, like me.

.just keeping it real here.

you all rock at naming kittens by the way
Vance was all about the name Izzy
and the girls LOVED Molly
so the twins are now officially named....
Izzy & Molly

now that would be in order...

and have no fear
the latest kittens will be our last
all of our cats will be fixed soon
we have the perfect sized farm brood now
and we now have 9 females. Ha!

these are all instagram photos
...if you couldn't tell
you can follow me there at brittanyclaireandco
I posted my feed on the bottom of my blog
for all you non-instagram people. :)

want to hear some big news?!
our little 'ole country church broke our attendance record this week
26 over the last record
we had a grand total of 126 people. Whoooo!
we usually have 60ish

I resorted to giving the little kids an m&m
every time they said their bible verse.
because they were being stubborn about saying it when I asked
not sure if that was a good thing or not.
anyway, they say it about 20 times a day now
and we're out of m&m's
which is really a good thing because i'm still not eating sugar
and they shouldn't either.
even though my oldest son says that's not cool
::run on sentence much::

if you can't tell from the above picture
i'm raising wild monkeys
who run and jump and play and get muddy and come up with the wildest ideas

and that is okay with me
because aside from being wild
they love God, love each other, respect others & dream big
what more could I hope for.

I think that's about all friends
what do you say about a new recipe next?
I have about 10+ to share :: soon.

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