{23 Week baby belly}

:: 23 week baby belly ::
measuring 26cm
38 in. around
22 lbs. heavier

I'm officially starting to feel big pregnant...
it's becoming hard to bend over
and fit littles on my lap.

My toes are barely there
and my size large tanks I bought leave my belly peaking out.

The baby is wild
and I LOVE it.
Babe tends to love laying diagonal from top right to bottom left
...and it leaves my belly visibly {to me} lopsided.

Gavin, Ozzie, the girls & dad 
have all felt the little one kick now.

The girls like to sing songs to the baby
and talk about "the baby in mamas belly" all.the.time.
They are also constantly debating if it's a boy or girl. OY.

besides instagram photos,
this is the only one I have this week.
I'll try to do better next week.

So thankful to being feeling great,
sleeping great,
limited contractions
and no back or hip pain.

I don't see the doctor for another 3 weeks,
it's been 3 weeks already.
It will just be a check-up
...I turned down the glucose test.

I am still in awe of this little babe growing in my belly
...so in love with this little one we're going to meet in 15 weeks. wow!


  1. Can I ask you about the "turning down the glucose test"? I have had two premature births immediately following taking the glucose test. Just wondering your thoughts!

    1. I failed my GTT both my first and 2nd pregnancies and ultimately had to take insulin. I went into preterm labor with the second one (the day I took the GTT), so given my history, I opted to follow my glucoses and I did not take a GTT with my most recent pregnancy. I still ended up on insulin, but I didn't have the stress a 75g Carb load gives you!


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