summer days :: in photos and words

warm days enjoying
character teaching
book reading
garden tending

camper living
frog finding
dirt digging
friends visiting

kitten loving
mowing and more mowing
salad eating
gator rides

boys summer camp planning
flower picking
watermelon eating
baby growing

wind blowing
rock skipping
muddy feet cleaning
farm dirty clothes washing

trip planning
lake swimming
tube riding
camping out with friends

10pm sunset watching
church going
s.l.o.w house fixing
sleeping in

meal sharing
swingset enjoying
mosquito swatting
pretty toes painting

letter writing
books on tape listening
boche ball playing
frisbee throwing

backyard tent camping
baseball playing
floor painting
safe bomb making

snake hunting
birthday preparing
goodwill giving
soup cooking

leg wound healing
potluck going
dirt bike buying
2 days single parenting

hay baling
craft making
llama chasing
hair cutting

fort making
Grandma & Grandpa visiting
storm watching
nightly tick checking

allergy suffering
ice pop eating
packages in the mail waiting
bow 'n arrow making

campfire sitting
s'more eating
family enjoying
farm working

beautiful life living

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