pregnant mama talking

It's official, I finally felt the baby move, for sure. I am ecstatic....

This pregnancy has been a test of my faith, in many ways. After my heartbreaking miscarriage in December I have let myself slip into moments of fear over this baby. I have no pregnancy symptoms at all.... if I didn't have this growing baby belly I wouldn't know I was pregnant. And that blessing has also been a curse... the what if's and wondering thoughts have sucked me in more than a few times. Even for just one minute. My prayers have become more frequent and Gods peace has never failed to pull me back up. And now.... this little one is finally making it's presence known to me. One little movement at a time. I am so in love.

I am finally moving past the feeling that I need to hide my baby belly. Sadly, not everyone has been happy about this little babe coming into our family. Our eyes are on Gods plan for our life and the lives of our children. God does not expect anyone to understand his calling in our life anymore than we can understand anyone else's.

The girls will be just over 4 years old when this baby arrives. This is by-far our biggest gap... and I'm okay with that even though oddly enough I struggled with the idea that Gavin ::our 3rd:: and Ozzie ::our 4th:: were 2 1/2 years apart. I guess I've matured in my faith... in that area. {grin}

Only half of our children remember me ever being pregnant.... so this is quite an awesome thing to them. I love that everyone in our family is excited about this baby. I have always said God gave our children {and us} the heart for a big family.

The number 7 seems so comfortable already. Every time I've counted our children for the last year or so and feeling like someone was missing. is that everyone. Seems like someone is missing. And now the missing one is one it's way. I am still in awe at how God starts preparing you for his plan so far in advance.

There are 2 other mamas pregnant in our tiny country church. Which is awesome, because when you live in the middle of nowhere it's pretty special for your child to have someone their age near-by.

I'm due for a baby belly picture.... even though I don't think I look any bigger. I was so good at taking weekly pictures with the girls pregnancy I don't want to let that slip by this time. So feel free to pester me if you'd like. {grin}

It just hit me.... I'm going to have to change the name of my blog! Oh my, what do I do?! My blog name has evolved through the years but never really changed... The ****** Family. 3 Little Men. 4 Little Men. 4 Little Men and Twins. 4 Little Men and Girly Twins..... now what?

Our baby is about the same size as the kittens right now... 5-6 inches long & 8 oz. The kids think that is totally cool. And I do too.

I think that concludes my pregnant mama talking, and if you made it to the end of this post... you rock!


  1. I have been reading your blog for several months now, and totally enjoy it!! I am one of the oldest in a family of I understand your love of a large family! I find it sad that more people done understand! My husband and I are expecting our third baby in a few months...we also were met with plenty of negativity with announcing can certainly make your heart grow sad to hear negativity when it is such happy news! Best wishes with your beautiful growing family...

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful growing family. :) I too, have been a faithful reader for the last 5 years, just rarely comment. I hope those in your family that came across as unhappy about your new addition weren't outright rude....hopefully they are just concerned about your family's wellbeing in these tough economic times. And if not, it really isn't their place to say anything as long as you aren't asking them for anything, right? I'm of the opinion, if a family can self sufficient, and self supporting without government aid, then have as many children as you want. It's when those lines get blurred, and families can not be self supporting and continue to have children with no regard to the financial strain it places on others....that is what I find sad. You seem to have things together in this new, simple life. I like it. :) Please keep us updated on your progress (baby bump)! And more recipes, please! I really am missing them. I noticed your viewers/readers seem to have gone down.... Not sure if this is true, or just my perception. But, just wanted to say I'm still enamored <3 :)

    Cathy G


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