{20 week baby belly}

:: 20 week baby belly ::
measuring the same as 19 1/2 weeks
halfway :: even though it's over half for me
and it's time for the glorious contractions to start. sigh.

still feeling great
sleeping great
no aches or pains
but apparently my uterus is irritable
...not surprised at all...
I've had contractions the 2nd half of my last 3 pregnancies

I can feel the baby moving and kicking more and more each day
and I love.love.love it
the girls and dad are still waiting to feel it for themselves
...soon i'm sure.

 and for those who asked about my vitamins ::
Digestive Enzyme
Cod-liver Oil
Folic Acid
Ferrofood {Iron}
Calcium Lactate
Red Raspberry Leaf
{these are not affiliate links, nor was I compensated to link these}

now onto the glorious 2nd half
...grow baby grow...

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