{17 week baby belly}

:: 17 weeks ::
measuring 19-20cm
33.5 in. around
10 lbs heavier

...still feeling great
no for sure baby kicks yet
wearing mostly dresses, palazzo pants, skirts & tanks
craving olives, pickles, salad, protein, fruit & ice
taking multi, iron, folic acid, raspberry leaf & calcium lactate
girls are still only talking about a baby girl
Gavin hopes it's twin boys
Ozzie wants a boy or girl
Vance hopes it's another girl
Grayson is indifferent
I have no idea...
and we are not going to find out. {grin}


  1. You look amazing!! Love the updates. :)

  2. Great pictures! You look great! Hope everything continues to go well! Keep the updates coming:)

  3. I just hope you wise up and get a 12 passenger van to contain your family instead of risking their lives allowing kids in the trailer driving down the road. So you just pick your least favorite kid to ride back there? Way to roll the dice pb your child's life in te name of copying mckmama. Been there done that. Stay home or travel properly where everyone has a seat in the vehicle with a proper car seat


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