what my house looks like :: right now

After a week of vacation Bible school
{up early. packing lunches. being the vbs photographer. getting home at 2pm}
our house is a bit messy.

I did manage to keep up on laundry, cooking & keeping everyone clean. {grin}
...chores though, are a completely different story.

I don't have a picture of every room,
but you can just imagine that it all looks like this...


The big boys are out in the shop with dad, working on something....
while I finish making breakfast.
:: chocolate chip banana muffins, sweet potato & spinach quiche & fruit salad ::

And then it's time to get this house in order and pack up into the RV.
I'm looking forward to being back in the camper, for many reasons, but the big one...
it is so much easier to keep clean!

{Happy Sunday my friends}


  1. I think that's the same grocery carf i had as a kid. A little rough right? Not a smooth plastic?

    Life in a camper does sound simpler! We are going to dig out after a suler busy month and try to put some order in our days because my rooms all look worse than that ( for me it means i have too much stuff) must get back to simplifying around here.

    Safe travels friend!

  2. Can you please please *pretty please* share how to make sweet potato and spinach quiche????????


Thank you for blessing me with your words!