:: I'm thinking ::

...about putting music back on my blog

...I might not get the corn planted in time

...our mama Lucy is going to have kittens soon

...about making kidney bean mash for lunch

...we should paint our house red

...we should have bought a king bed

...I really miss my best friend

...it's funny the most popular search on my blog, recently, has been "big twin belly"

...I really hope our apple trees are filled with apples this year

...it's crazy my 11 year old is learning to drive a semi-truck

...about what kind of dreamy salad I'm going to make with our first salad greens

...we should plant more carrots

...about trying to get our family to come here for Thanksgiving

...how amazing our God is

...about what I should do with the sprouted chickpeas in our fridge

...I think about food a lot

...I hope it rains, on our garden at least, while we are gone this week

...I am going to cut my hair short finally

...about how much mommy blogging has changed since I started years ago

...about how I used to get 10k+ views a day and multiple hateful comments

...about how I didn't sell-out and stayed genuine and true to me

...the {Boat Song} by JJ Heller is my new favorite song

...I should have cut out sugar years and years ago, I feel so much better

...about giving the girls our bed and buying a king bed finally

...our travels this winter

...I must secretly catch the girls singing and dancing while playing their ukes on camera

...I should have painted the floor mud color instead of white

...why is Ozzie wearing his church clothes today, did he really sleep in them?

...about what a blessing it was to talk with another large family mama yesterday

...I really need to update my photography blog

...I like my new header and blog layout, what do you think?

...I have a lot on my mind {grin}

what are you thinking?

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  1. Saw a mom with 6 kids at the dentist the other day and thought of you. Of course I thought the lady was crazy for having six, but impressed because my 3 can be a handful most days ;)

    Part of blogging is opening yourself to criticism, yet still staying true to who you are. If you can't handle the criticism, you shouldn't be blogging. You have stayed true to yourself despite the criticism and that's what makes an enjoyable blogger!


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