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Eliza came up to me today and said 
"Nolia fell on her head gently and got not.so.hurt". 
All I could mutter without giggling was "I'm glad she fell gently and not hard"

I found myself saying 
"please keep your lips off of each other" 
to the boys earlier today. 
At least they weren't hitting. {grin}

We're still living in the camper...
{currently at a friends farm}
 and honestly I like it more than the farm house. 
I feel a sense of peace and contentment in here
 ...that I don't feel in the house. 
hmmmm :: now to discover what that is.

We leave this weekend for a couple weeks. 
Headed back to our old.hometown for my fathers wedding
 and then on to some other places to spend time with family and friends. 
The kids are excited to say the least!

Our mama lucy had her kittens last week. 
We are all in awe of their tiny perfection.

The girls keep telling me they hope there are 3 babies in my belly
 :: a boy for Ozzie and two girls for them ::
I'm thinking that they might be a bit disappointed. {grin}

I bought a couple tank tops...
 you know because mine were .already.too.small! 
I skipped right over the medium and went straight to the large. 
Which is what my baby belly does
...it gets very.large.

I :think: I might have felt the baby kick a few times now.... 
not sure but all I know is the time is coming and that is my favorite part of pregnancy. 
I love me some baby kicks!

Our friends lama escaped :twice: today
it is currently wondering around the fields
...in and out of the farm yard.
The kids & a friend tried to catch it with a carrot trail,
but that didn't work.
I'm getting the feeling lamas are troublesome animals.

The pictures on my blog are still not crisp like they should be. 
Apparently it's a lightroom glitch that others have had trouble with as well. 
I could probably find a work around but honestly I don't have time. boo-hoo. 
If you can stand to be patient with me hopefully we'll get it fixed
 ...sometime soon. 

My garden isn't doing the best. 
We planted in the heat, then it rained, 
then it went down into the 40's and 50's for a couple weeks. 
We replanted some...
but it's going to be a race against the first frost now. 

The girls have been singing the song from the video...
over and over and over.
it's positively adorable.
I also overheard them singing...
"Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my ma & pa"
Anyone know what song that is?!?

and just for fun...
if you could pick what I blogged about next
...what would it be?
a new recipe.
the triplet kittens.
where we've been boondocking.
road trip rewind.
farm work with dad.
baby #7 ::you asked it::

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  1. "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Please, more recipes!


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