:: Well hello there ::

I've been staring at this empty page for 10 minutes now,
thoughts of what to say coming and going,
but nothing feels right.

I've been gone so long it's like I've forgotten how to do this whole blogging thing...
and maybe that's a good thing.
being away from the computer,
away from watching others lives through a window,
away from sharing with others online...
it's helped me rediscover some things.

There has been lots of change going on around here,
spending almost 4 months on the road....
has a way of doing that to you. {grin}
We've grown as a family, learned as a family & discovered so much.
I'll have to write an entire post just on that.

We have been home for a nearly 2 weeks,
and I still haven't unpacked the rv.
Well, we all brought a few things out, but not much.
It's still our home and it won't be long before we're back in it
...we already have a couple summer trips planned.

Adjusting to being back on the farm has been harder than I thought
...we really settled into the simplicity of life on the road.
Less space, less stuff, less distraction.
Not to mention we came home to sewer trouble. sigh.

Funny story...
I had big plans for our first trip to town when we got back to the farm.
One of the stops being the grocery store.
Myself and all six kids marched into our local grocery ready to stock up,
We quickly filled the cart with what looked like a lot of food.
...remember we had been shopping for a small rv fridge for the last few months.
At the check-out the cashier commented on how "healthy we ate".
We're defiantly back in meat and potatoes North Dakota!
On to store number 2 where did the same thing,
and heard a very similar comment from the cashier.
It looked like a lot of food...
until we got home and started putting it all in the fridge.
It only filled up half of one fridge and a quarter of the other fridge.
I guess we were really out of the habit of buying big and being an hour from the store.
I didn't make the same mistake this week...
our fridges are now bursting at the seams! {grin}

We haven't had much, scratch that, any down time since we got back.
Farming is back in full force,
the farm yard is full of semi trucks, tractors, gators, & trucks
and the lull of big engines is continual.
Even in all the chaos there is such a peace about farming.

My awesome husband tilled the entire garden for me.
I have a pile of organic heirloom seeds waiting to be planted
and now it's just a last frost waiting game.
Any day now, any day.
I can hardly wait!

We're back in full swing with school.
well as full swing as this eclectic, unschooling, homeschooling mama can get.
We ordered a few new school books for the summer
...i'll have to share what we're doing in another post.
Vance had his 1st of 2 days of homeschooling testing today,
we missed it over the winter so he is making it up with a local friend & teacher.
She already graded the first part and he scored a 99 & 98, ranking at 7.9th grade.

I have so many stories and pictures to share with you from our trip.
I had picked out my favorites and edited them when I could along the road,
hoping to share them before now. Ha!
Well, now that we are home we realized that they didn't back up and I lost them all. sigh.
At least I still have the negatives.
I promise i'll be sharing very soon,
I am bursting at the seams now that we are home.

although, I'm not sure if anyone is still around here?!
::::::::crickets chirping::::::::
I am not one to be too concerned with stats,
but I was a little sad when I saw I had lost so many readers.
smaller is better, right!!

Well I think I have filled you in on almost everything
...for today that is.
It's great to be back friends!
Talk to you soon!


  1. So great to hear from you!!  Adventures all around - I love it!  Looking forward to seeing pics...but really just so nice to hear your "voice". :)

  2. Welcome back! So happy to see you posting again. I can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

  3. I'm here! Glad to see you back and love the header :)

  4. i have been patiently waiting for you to return. i always enjoy hearing about your family and life on the road and on the farm. I can't wait to hear about everything that has gone on during the time you have been away. Congratulations to Vance for such a terrific score on his test. how has he been doing since his stay in the hospital? 

  5. Annahoban75/9/12, 6:31 PM

    We are here and we missed you!

  6. Yay, glad you're back. Can't wait to hear more about the trip.

  7. Sandra Kohlmann5/9/12, 6:42 PM

    I can't wait for pictures and stories. Bring it on!

  8. Oh my! Four whole months? That’s crazy. I can’t imagine it. Your blog is incredibly interesting, and I look forward to all the updates!

  9. So  glad you are back, and so glad it was awesome!

  10. hultman13055/9/12, 7:30 PM

    I don't really know you & you don't know me, but you have a great way of sharing your wonderful family with us. I am not a lover of travel and having issues with a 7 day trip with hubby and an adult daughter and a second daughter joining us along the way. You can tell kids to take a nap or hurry up, but not so my daughters! 

  11. You haven't lost me! :) I checked every day. Glad you're back! 

  12. II still read your blogs..... I mostly look forward to the photos you post.

  13. So glad your back! I so look forward to your posts and recipes! I can relate to being a "healthy" eating family in a not so healthy state (Texas!) Looking forward to more posts! 

  14. brittanyclaire5/9/12, 8:34 PM

    Good to hear from you joni! So sweet to ask about vance... He is doing wonderful, he had his 5 month post check up next week. He is still amazed he was able to keep his appendix. :)

  15. I've been waiting for you to get home so we could hear about the cats! Are they all safe and sound?! 

  16. Ha! I realized after I posted that I hadn't included the cats. They are all fine and dandy. They were THRILLED to see us and 2 of the cats have joined the wild cat clan. I'll have to take some pictures, the fluffy kittens are even fluffier! :)

  17. brittanyclaire5/9/12, 9:13 PM

    Ha! I realized after I posted that I hadn't included the cats. They are all fine and dandy. They were THRILLED to see us and 2 of the cats have joined the wild cat clan. I'll have to take some pictures, the fluffy kittens are even fluffier! :)

  18. Boulanger Ab5/9/12, 10:17 PM

    We are still here!

  19. jordaninsweden5/9/12, 11:07 PM

    SO glad you're back, Brittany!!!!  Love your blog and love your family and can't wait to hear all about everything!!!

  20. Yes, we are here.
    Turkish mommy Cigdem fm Istanbul.

  21. Hey good to see you, welcome back!!!

  22. Your back! It's good to hear from you again. I was thinking about your RVing adventures the other day. Friends of mine are selling their home and hitting the road for a few years. You all are doing such an awesome, fun thing.  Enjoy your spring on the farm. And welcome "home." :) 

  23. Glad to see you're back!  I always think it's a good idea to take a break from technology and just *live*... I live by Glacier National Park, so all through the summer and fall my family and I take frequent trips up there.. There's no cell service, no wifi... The hotels don't have TV or even phones in the rooms, so it's like an oasis from modern life. It's refreshing :).. Welcome back!

  24. Hey there! I am still here! I have been checking regularly and was very happy to see you posted again ; P I bet life feels very different after 3 months of a different life! But glad to read you again!

  25. ohhhh I'm still here!!! I know my life has been way busy (and I wasn't even traveling on the road!) since October when my husband took an Associate Pastorate position in the New England area! I am learning this whole "pastor wife" thing but I'm glad you are back! We've missed you...and your kids...and your stories :)

  26. Glad your're all back safe and sound! I'm still reading and love the new background. I visited your "Families on the Road" link and although we're not planning on traveling (just yet, mind you...we want to wait until they're old and remember), I got some great ideas on RV organization and basic living. If you have any to share, that would be great too. Just waiting on God's timing to begin our permaculture adventure once we buy our land. Anyway, glad you're back! Happy summer gardening!! (It's our break time here in Florida and we'll start up again in the fall, too hot!).

  27. glad you are back!! can't wait to see spring-time on the farm pics.  had fun following your journey this spring via facebook!

  28. I'm still here also! Glad you had a safe trip and that you guys all had a fun time.  Did you ever make it through WA?  Can't wait to see pictures of all the different states and scenery!  When ever you get the chance. : )

  29. Courtney 77825/10/12, 7:57 PM

    Still here. Glad you are home safe and sound. I was wondering...can't wait to see and hear more about life on the road. You blog looks different,I think. Post soon!

  30. sixcrazychildren5/10/12, 8:42 PM

    I'm still here and check in as regularly as I do.... which is kinda whenever!! I'm REALLY looking fwd to waching your garden grow :)

  31. So glad you're back. No crickets here!

  32. So glad you're back! :) I was thinking about your blog this week and wondering when you would reappear. :) Can't wait to hear your stories and updates!

  33. Yayy!!! Can't wait to hear your stories!!!

  34. Yayy!!! Can't wait to hear your stories!!!

  35. Yayy!!! Can't wait to hear your stories!!!

  36. Missed you. Glad you're back. :)

  37. Welcome back!!!  Looking forward to hearing more about your trip. 

  38. Still here! Welcome home :)

  39. Welcome home!! I was hoping you were coming back soon!

  40. Don't want to be a debby downer but, twice now a friend and I have sent you a request for you to do photo's while your out on the road.  Never to get an email back??  I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your family grow but  I am starting to wonder.  I guess you didn't make it to Colorado on this trip as you had stated before you left.  It would be nice to at least have gotten a response back.   Didn't get one either time.  

    1. You are right cindy, I should have reached out to everyone. I had plans and things changed, I still have plans to contact those I wasn't able to meet up with on the road. Communication is not one of my strength unfortunately. I am sorry I let you both down, it is something that has weighed heavy on me.

  41. Jennifer Hyatt5/14/12, 8:05 AM

    Welcome back!!!! I for one, look forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing all of your beautiful pictures of course!

  42. Jolenetaylor285/14/12, 3:52 PM

    Welcome Back! So glad to see a new post :) Can't wait to see new pictures!

  43. Welcome back, glad you are posting again.


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