Road Rambling

We've been on the road for 6-7 weeks now. Sometimes it feels like more and sometimes less. It's been an adventure we'll never forget... that is for sure.

I heard the first homesick comment last night. It turns out most of us miss our church family, comfortable beds and our beloved cats. I asked if anyone wanted to go home but it was a unanimous no. We are loving living on the road, so far. {grin}

My husband and I were just talking this morning about how much we've grown as a team on this trip. Living & working on a farm teaches you team work. 8 people living in a 200 sqft moving home takes team work to a whole level!

It's been a crazy, beautiful, active, wonderful, wild & peaceful journey. So much so that I barely had a chance to miss the fact we've been mostly off-grid. We've discovered, so far, two types of campgrounds... RV parks that are a concrete paradise boasting wifi & tv. And the state parks that are surrounded in trees, bike trails, nature centers and no wifi. Can you guess which one we've mostly picked. 

Traveling along the Gulf coast we've had a chance to learn a lot about the Civil war & WWII. We had not studied US history yet, we're still in ancient times, so this has been a great learning experience... for all of us! We met a Japanese prisoner of war at one of our stops, after talking with him and hearing just tidbits of his story we decided to buy his book. I just finished it, my husband is right behind and Grayson just started it... it is a intense, horrifying and eventually redeeming story. I can not even fathom what it was like to be in their shoes.

On a lighter note.... I asked my husband to trim my hair. It is now 6 inches shorter, gasp! I guess he likes it shorter. {grin} It's right at my shoulders, which isn't the best length for me. I am thinking about cutting it even shorter.... hmmmm.

We've discovered a new love for dice games. I remember my parents playing dice games with friends when I was a child. I would sneak out after they had tucked me in bed and see if I could work my way into the game. I would roll for someone, it would be a great role, they would call me their lucky charm and I would get to stay up for a little bit longer. It's funny the things we remember as a child... I wonder what kind of little things our kids are going to remember.

It's raining today and looks like tomorrow too.
So today we're inside having fun, eating veggies and hummus & blue bell chocolate ice cream.
Some of us are reading books, playing games, having a tea party in the bathtub & enjoying just being.
oh, and blogging... you can thank the rain and weak internet signal for the double posts today. {grin}


  1. Travelling sounds like SO much fun! 
    You guys must be a great family to be able to live in 200 sq ft with 8 people! :)

  2. Rebekah Leger3/10/12, 8:20 PM

    I let my husband cut my hair a few weeks ago and same thing...all the way to my shoulders! ...

    ...I now have a pixie cut!  (Done professionally.)

  3. How exciting that you are able to do something like this with your family! Can't wait to see a picture of your hair. :)

    BTW, I LOVE the family picture of all of you at the top of your page.

  4. what a wonderful journey. 
    You are a great family!
    God bless you!
    xoxo, Liuba :)

  5. Traveling with our two kids{21 & 22} to the Gulf Shores. Day two and it's been funny to see them slide right back into their familiar squabbles. That's my side! Get your feet off me! Ahhhh family vacations. Glad y'all are having a memorable adventure.

  6. We have a great card game called GOLF that we like to play because you can play with odd numbers of people and up to 8 :)

  7. brittanyclaire3/12/12, 2:20 PM

    ooh... Do share please! :)


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