playing with the light

{back light}
...the sun was directly behind his head, I overexposed for his face & purposely positioned for glare
44mm 1/320s f/2.8 iso200

{reflective light}
...the sun was above and behind him, reflecting off of chrome. I manually adjusted for underexposure.
70mm 1/200s f/2.8 iso200

{filtered & reflected light}
...she was at the edge of the shade from the awning & had light bouncing off of the RV
55mm s/200 f/2.8 iso250

this now concludes the summary of my camera play time. {grin}


  1. Sarah-Anne Lyons3/12/12, 5:17 PM

    man. i need some photo lessons because when i snap photos, i don't worry about the lighting.

  2. I really like these photos- awesome job, Brittany! 

  3. Melanie Van Wynsberg3/14/12, 7:40 AM

    So cute :)


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