I'm going to miss this

one day
I won't wake up
to a beautiful
sleeping child
in my bed
and I'm going to miss it

one day
she'll be too big
to cuddle
under the covers
and I'm going to miss it.

one day
she won't share my pillow
& put her little hands
on my face and say
"you're beautiful mama"
and I'm going to miss it.

I am going to savor
every moment
because I know
I am going to miss it.

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all shot with...
24mm 100s f2.8 iso400


  1. So true! Lovely pix of your darling. XO

  2. Thank you for this! Sometimes I get so frustrated when my little one(s) won't stay in there beds..... But you are so right... Before I know they will be too big to sleep in mommys bed and I will miss that!

  3. So beautiful!  I love that you know that you will miss it - but have captured it so beautifully that you can transport back anytime you need to. :)

  4. My nine year old one and only girl does this less and less. Crushing...

  5. I opened up this post and sobbed. Wet big tears. I can not even begin to tell you how much I miss this. My children are 15,almost 14 and 11. My daughter is turning 14 and even though she looks older then her 14 years, I still see my sweet chubby pink cheeked baby girl when I look at her. We are going through teenage trials and the sweet memories of her holding my hand and looking up at me on the park ,are what keep me loving her more when she tries to push away.

  6. That is why I almost never send the kids back to their bed. It's so, so special and it ends so quickly. My current favorite advice is hug your children often the older they get the more you should hug them.

  7. Hilary_farris1/20/12, 7:14 PM


  8. Have you gotten Vance to use shampoo yet on that greasy head of his?    Did the scum all settle in his gut, making him sick?

    So you lost your baby, huh?   Ever figure God is telling you to wise up, you can't afford the kids you already have?   Do they ever get new clothes or is it always worn rags from the thrift shop?

    Off on another road trip are you copycat Brit??   You're only doing this because the other blogger did it first.

    Oh and BTW - do you know how many of your "followers" laugh their collective asses off at your horrendous spelling and grammar on your blog?   AND YOU HOME SCHOOL YOUR KID?!?!?!?


  9. You must be lacking something serious in your life to go about making such comments on a blog.

  10. If you dislike Brittany so much and think she is doing such a horrible job raising her children (I personally don't think she is and enjoy reading her blog, but everybody is different, right?), stop reading her blog! Nobody is forcing you to keep reading.

  11. What an awful human you are Aliana, you should be ashamed. 

  12. I think alot about this.. especially when I walk by my daughter's room, strewn with much loved stuffed animals and the hours upon hours that she has spent in make-believe play with them.  I love her being still little (5) and precious (oh, and yes also a little precocscios! ;p!) They are such gifts from God.. I'm so thankful when He softly reminds us of this and how time goes so quickly.  I also think it's wonderful to have the opportunity to go on the upcoming trip and spend so much quality time with your family.. what memories you are making and what opportunity you have to show them the beauty of His creation as you travel; bringing glory to Him, the giver of these gifts! Blessings!

  13. our boys (5 and 7) and baby girl (15 months) all end up in our bed.......i love it!!!!!!!
    your post reminds me of this song(it makes me cry every time)


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