empty fridge

ever wondered
what a nearly empty
fridge or two

looks like
for a family of eight
about to leave on a trip?

and I must say...
we are so blessed in this country
to have access to an abundance
of good food,
and I thank God everyday.


  1. Those fridges are CLEAN :)  Love a clean fridge, hating cleaning it.  We have 7 in our family, and our fridge goes through a cycle of bursting at the seams, to nearly empty every week.  Can't wait to follow along as you go on your big trip!

  2. This makes me smile since your 'empty' fridges for 8 are still more full than our 'full' fridge for 2! Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  3. blueschoolmomma1/19/12, 8:06 PM

    Yeah, how come your fridges look so clean??!! Who has time for that nonsense? *grin*

  4. brittanyclaire1/19/12, 8:09 PM

    Ha! You know me... :)


  5. our fridge is SO TINY!! wish I had our larger NC fridge back :) - i miss having more room. That being said, thats the healthiest looking fridge ive seen in a while! glad ours is close ;-) - although I have no clue what hemp milk is! 


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