Chances are...

...if you came to visit us, you might get lost on the gravel roads

...if you looked in the stockpot on my stove you would see beans soaking

...if the door bell rings, it's the children playing around

...if the dog barks, someone new is on the farm

...if the girls pick out their own clothes, they will wear at least one piece the same

...if Ozzie and Gavin are playing, it's with tractors

...if there is music on, someone is dancing to it

...if we go into town, we'll stop by the library

...if the girls say mama or dada, they are playing house and talking to each other

...if you need to use the bathroom, you might have to wait your turn

...if you look at our big picture window, you'll have to look through school writing and fingerprints

...if there is a tractor running, one or more of the boys are in it

...if we rush out the door, we left the house messy

...if you need a band-aid, we're fresh out

...if it's 10pm, we just put the kids to bed

...if the girls are wearing pigtails it's because I didn't have time to do their hair

...if the big boys are quiet they are reading

...if Ozzie and the girls are playing, it's house or restaurant

...if there is dirt or mud outside, my boys will find it and dig in it

...if we're eating supper, it's something with beans and veggies from the garden

...if there are odd ingredients sitting in the dining room, it's from a science experiment

...if I go outside, I'm wearing sunglasses

...if I'm cooking in the kitchen, I have helpers

...if you stopped by, you would be welcomed by at least 6 people


  1. chances are...

    i would have a lovely time visiting your house and spending time with your family. especially if we are doing all of the things you described above! :)

  2. i miss talking to you!!! {even if it was only/mostly on twitter...}  :)

  3. jordaninsweden12/11/11, 12:48 AM

    I love it!!!  What a happy home :)

  4. i would absolutely LOVE to come to your house! it sounds like a place overflowing with CHRIST'S love <3


Thank you for blessing me with your words!