I could have blogged, but

...we've been busy living life

...we spent a whole day in town, swimming at the Y, playing at the park, filling our bags with library books & eating subway sandwiches.

...we started a family quiz contest,
that hasn't ended.

...we've been working hard in the garden.
Harvesting the last of the carrots and beets, with some unconventional help.
Digging and tilling and preparing the garden for the winter.

...we've been busy sorting, cutting, washing, scrubbing, drying & storing
our carrots and beets.

...we spent the evening at Bible club at the church.

...we've been savoring our last few days with Grandma & Grandpa.
They leave tomorrow.

...we've been talking and planning and dreaming.

...some of us have been busy in the field.
Digging, disking, rock picking, harrowing & watching.

...the one night I wanted to blog,
I fell asleep putting the girls to bed.

...we spent the evening with mom's group friends.
playing, eating, talking, reading, praying, sharing, loving.

...I've had a headache from accidentally eating soy. sigh.

...we've been in the kitchen cooking.
Cooking chick-pea curry, lentil soup, black bean soup, cauliflower rice, nut butter muffins, puppy chow, veggie patties, carrots and more carrots, banana almond pancakes, egg bake, oatmeal, bean burgers & more.

...we've been reading books and watching the Cosby show as a family.

...we were busy melting crayons & creating pumpkin carving designs.

... autumn just keeps hanging around
and calling us outside.


  1. What wonderful (tiring) you've had. 
    Building memories for your children. 
    Much better than blogging, 
    as far as importance goes.

  2. amen...blogging takes a backseat to Fall days like today! 

  3. Stephanie Precourt11/9/11, 3:39 PM

    Oh, it really is beautiful out. I was looking at your last photos and really desiring you to come here and take my family's photos. When??? :)


  4. how do you get so much done with all the littles.  I have only one little and I can't get anything done.  Seriously, your kids must be really good at playing by themselves/with each other.  I spend my days playing Barbies or Princess and steal a few minutes to try to cook some supper.  

  5. Mmmmm... sounds like my kind of day/week/whatever! We got penned inside by lingering bronchitus and a snowstorm today, but the temps are headed back up and I need to finish putting my gardens to bed still! I totally hear ya on Autumn calling you outside. What a cool way to say it.


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