holes, laughs, being loud and babies

we spend a lot of time together
and we wear holes in our socks {a lot}

we pile on the couch
and laugh a lot

we hang our art on the wall
and play loud

we pile our coffee table with books and water glasses
and someone is still growing out their cut bangs

We babywear babies that aren't really babies anymore
and love our crazy life

{camera numbers}
24mm 1/100s f/2.8 ISO1250 & 2500
...it was late evening in our dimly lit great room, hence the high iso...


  1. i totally love the really short bangs on her, she's got style!

  2. sweet kids! i love your photography :)

  3. Kimberly Wyatt11/28/11, 6:35 PM

    Love these! I'm not a fan of bangs, but those actually work on her. They show off those gorgeous eyes.

  4. And she, who is the one with cut bangs, is certainly such a cute little girl and no longer a baby or toddler!
    Fun times with all of you.

  5. I've been checking your blog almost everyday.  I can't put comments before as I don't have a blog.  But now I can, not sure why.  I love your posts and please continue to place camera numbers if you can, no pressure.  It will be  very helpful when i get  a chance to play around with my new camera.  

  6. Your family is precious and I love that you feed them all organic. Your photograghy is amazing and I hope when I homeschool my4 boys next year I can do as good as you are.

  7. what a beautiful family you have! i love the girls's curly hair...

    check my blog, www.sachasaucysnippets.blogspot.com

  8. Must have been a good month for cutting one's own bangs (or did she have help?!), my almost 5 year old tried it for the first time.  I'd never advised her not to since I didn't want to give her any ideas...  The only thing I could say was,  "Well, don't cut your sister's!"    Very cute picture of Nolia.  :)


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