dear journal

I wore pink socks with flowers on them today
...Eliza told me all day "I love your beautiful socks mama"

We woke up to frost again this morning
and the littles said it was snow again
and again I told them it was just frost.

The wind has been howling all day
and the leaves and clouds move past our window
like a slide show.

We burned off the last of the garden today.
All that is left is garlic and leeks that will over-winter.
it's a beautiful clean slate.

There are still lots of farmers out in the field harvesting their corn.
I'm glad we don't have corn, for lots of reasons.
But I do love the way this picture looks.

It's deer hunting season and I don't like it.
enough said.

Grayson and Vance have claimed their spot in the basement
and have finally decided to do their school together.
Vance needed the encouragement and Grayson needed someone to encourage.

Do you ever feel completely misunderstood and judged?
but trying to share or explain won't do any good.

Ozzie said the dirt is getting "so hard to work" in the garden
where he digs with tractors every single day.
We've tried beans in a plastic bin last year, but it just didn't cut it.
I think we're going to try instant oats this year.

Grandpa & Grandma left today
and I don't think the littles really understand
 how long it's going to be before we see them again.

The girls curls are beautiful,
that is if I spend the time doing their hair every 5 hours.
Their curls can be perfect one minute and then a knotted mess the next.
I can't not wait until they can do their own hair!

I am convinced that my children, namely the littles,
will not wear shoes until it snows.
It's not like I'm still wearing flip-flops or anything. {grin}

We're thinking hard about having a CSA garden next year.
It's a lot of work and would have to be a family thing for sure.
We still have a little while to decide.

We saw and heard thousands of snow geese
over the farm today.
It was beautiful!

I really do not like the pictures from the last post.
The lighting was TERRIBLE and the color is off.
but it was too funny to not post.
{if you're curious what he was doing with hot wax, you can check out my answer in that post comments}

We're going on another spontaneous weekend trip in the RV.
We might leave tonight or most likely tomorrow.
We might even venture one state over.


  1. I would love to live on a farm.. I think in about 5 years we will. My daughters curls are the same as yours.. I don't know what to do with them, my hair is straight..

  2. Love that third photo!

  3. Sara Kuemmel11/10/11, 10:05 PM

    Oh how I can relate to your comment about their hair! My own hair is like that and some days I just hate it! Their hair always looks effortless to me though! :) 

    You lost me on this comment..."We've tried beans in a plastic bin last year, but it just didn't cut it. I think we're going to try instant oats this year."

    Have a fun trip! :)

  4. brittanyclaire11/13/11, 1:31 PM

    We put dried beans in a plastic bin with a lid last year. I thought ozzie would love to dig with his tractors in it, and he did, but the beans ended up every where and ozzie really wanted something closet to dirt. So I think we'll try cheap instant oats that are lighter and more like sand/dirt. It will still be a mess though. :) I might use our little pool and put it in the shop.

  5. When my son was little I used minute rice for him to move around with his little trucks and tractors in the winter.  I spread an old (large) vinyl table cloth on the floor with a pile of rice in the only rule was to keep the rice on the table cloth.  Most times he did.  The rice/tractors kept him busy for hours.  My daughter also got in on the action....she used old cups/spoons to stir, measure and pretend cook with the rice. I kept the rice in an air tight container to reuse over and over. 

  6. My feet feel suffocated in shoes, so I'm a flip-flop-til-the-snow-flies kind of girl too.  

    You can get bags of sand at the hardware store... Although, that can get kind of messy if you're playing indoors. Brown Lentils?  Quinoa?

    One of the things about myself that I've been working on and praying a lot about is my extreme sensitivity to others' opinions of me.  I'm one of those people that has an instinctive need to be understood and accepted, so when I feel judged and misunderstood, it's verrrryyy uncomfortable for me. I kind of shut down and spend my energy dwelling on said opinions of me while withdrawing within myself. Not good. Anyway, all that to say that I understand your feelings on this and hope that you gain some peace.  99% of us who have been given a small window into your world think that you're a fabulous mother and wife and you have lovely way of challenging people to live a better, healthier, more fulfilled life without being misunderstanding and judgmental yourself.  Usually the 1% who give you a hard time are battling something in their own life and lash out as a means of coping. That's what I try to remember, anyway. 

    On a side note, what have you been doing with all the produce from your garden?  I personally find it challenging not to waste veggies from the garden. Do you do a lot of canning?


Thank you for blessing me with your words!