we colored the walls

oh yes, we finally {after 2 1/2 years} painted the house
....the farmhouse
....the hunters house
....the old house
....the tiny house
it goes by many names.

the boys {all 4} share a room
it's a bit crowded
and it's been a challenge to organize
but it's been fun to fill the room with them.
they have each brought their own style and passions into the room
along with their colors.
Which was why the walls needed to be neutral. {grin}

we loved and miss{ed} the color of our bedroom in our last home
so we painted it the same color
it's so nice to have it back.
{you can see our old bedroom here and here}

and now... finally now that they are 3
the girls have their first painted {girly} room
the house needed painted
we needed to switch rooms
and it's been a long 6 weeks working on the house
and we're not even done yet
but I am so happy to have color back in our home again

and since the paint is already out
...I have a list of furniture to paint too!
like a hot pink dresser for the girls
{that needs knobs still but I am not sure what I want on there}

I'll share more pictures as we finish
we're still cleaning mildew from the basement
moving rooms around
painting walls, furniture and floors

this is not an ideal to be working on the house
and trust me if our basement didn't flood and mildew
and our bedroom wasn't down there
we would not be doing this
....so I guess I should be thankful for the mess, huh!


  1. I LOVE the girls pink dresser. I want to paint an old dining hutch a shade of pink and put it in my daughter's room. Can you share what color that is?  

  2. brittanyclaire10/5/11, 2:56 PM

    I think it was raspberry fizz...but I bought it last year.

  3. beautiful! i love, love, love the colors!! 

  4. brittanyclaire10/5/11, 2:58 PM

    Thanks sarah....now you'll need to come see in person. :)


  5. Love that you have flourished there.  I remember reading the difficulties you faced as you moved and seeing the dated interior.  You have made it beautiful - very inspiring.  Did you keep the flooring?  Sort of remember reading you changed to hardwood.  Before and After pictures would be neat to see.  Great color choices.

  6. brittanyclaire10/5/11, 3:01 PM

    Thank you! We took almost all of the carpet out, and some of the rooms are okay as is... but some need work. I'll share pictures of the floor soon!

  7. brittanyclaire10/5/11, 3:01 PM

    we do have a shadowbox shelf for each boy... I have been collecting them from the thrift store for a while now. :)

    we are planning on building triple bunks {2 sets} in the boys room... i'll have to go scour your blog for pictures. Ha!

  8. brittanyclaire10/5/11, 3:01 PM

    oh yes, I am always on the hunt for vintage linens. :)

  9. oooh, i've been meaning to post pics of the finished bunks....probably should get the rooms clean enough to take a couple pictures for you ;)

  10. amazing! loving the color...it is so YOU! :D

  11. I have been looking for the perfect buttercream yellow for our twin daughters' room. Would you mind sharing your color this is?

  12. brittanyclaire10/5/11, 3:35 PM



  13. brittanyclaire10/5/11, 3:37 PM

    Its actually an orange...the color is called frozen orange vanilla. it looked much lighter in the card but their room only has one window so it appears darker on the walls...which I'm happy about because I really wanted the deeper orange. :)

  14. I saw this and thought of you http://d30opm7hsgivgh.cloudfront.net/upload/38879556_qJFajSR6_c.jpg

  15. brittanyclaire10/7/11, 6:11 PM

    That is awesome! Thanks! I am not sure what we end up building in the boys room... it's a small room. :)

  16. you take such gorgeous photos

  17. brittanyclaire10/13/11, 9:50 AM

    Thank you!



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