late night talking

we've been locked out of our van for 5 days now...
the back window is slightly cracked so I attempted to use a coat hanger today
...didn't work. sigh.
thinking we might have to call a locksmith. sigh {again}.

our van is about to turn over 100,000 miles...
wahoo, that means we've traveled a lot of road
...and our van still has life left in it! {grin}

tonight after I tucked the girls in bed and said prayers...
Eliza asked "mama if we had butterfly wings could we fly to heaven"
to which Nolia replied ...
"no Liza, we have to wait until Jesus comes down to get us first....
then we can fly to heaven with our butterfly wings, right mama"

Gavin {7} drove a pick-up back to the farm through a field
...about 4 miles away today. {passing no traffic at all}
gulp. gasp. sigh.
He's been in training and he does natural abilities for driving and we live in a farm
...but I serious had to take a deep breath when I saw him pull in.

we've been on harvest break last week and part of this week
...there is just way too much to do during harvest to keep up with school too.
The boys have obviously LOVED having a break...
even though they have been working {some}
I however really miss our days with school
....there is something so special about them.

I have never wished, like I wish right now...
that I had blinds or any type of window covering for that matter on all of our windows
especially my bedroom and bathroom
I am not used to having people outside my windows
and there are people, hunters, outside my windows this month.
I think I need to put a note in the bathroom so I don't forget! {grin}

Now let me ask you...
what would you like to see me post about next
...the painting I've been up to
...more combines and harvest?

I'd also love to have your input on comment systems
...blogger comments seemed to be great
that was until I started to become bombed with spam.
so I'm thinking I might switch back to Disqus.

enough rambling tonight
goodnight friends

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  1. Painting please. Natasha x

  2. I'd love to see the painting... Which leads into seeing more of your adorable farmhouse! ;) I liked Disqus, as I did sign up and I enjoyed seeing you and others be able to comment and "converse" with each other. Something different... Just my opinion... :)

  3. Our Honda vans each had 214,000 and 217,000 miles before we traded them in... Hondas are made to go and go and go.... Just need to keep from being locked out of it!

  4. great idea to ask.. :) I love allll your photos and your kitten indeed...
    I prefer painting... I love colorsss..

  5. do you photograph your resent amazing photos with your favorite 50mm f 1/4 or you bought now lens or camera ?
    I have 50mm. but I love your photos more than mine ;D
    thanks for sharing Dear Brittany :)

  6. Guess I am in the minority! I am always in awe of your harvest photos every year! I LOVE colors, but we dont paint our military housing. Boo. We move way too much. Anyways, I can NOT believe your 7 year old can drive. And that is pretty darned cool! Raising strong, hardworking children.! Keep it up!

  7. did we ever see your set up on the rv trip? i want to see pictures of the truck, travle traler, and van. oh you didnt ask :) but i want to see it :)

  8. wow, gavin drove 4 miles?! i barely drive that far sometimes (usg. with minimal traffic) and i get the scared silly! he is so brave, mama :)
    either post is fine; i love every idea/post you blog!

  9. painting please:)
    Our truck has almost 250.000 and still going......
    WE traveled to upstate NY this summer to visit our Amish friend's farm. While there their 8 kids and our 2 boys played in the truck and it got locked with the keys and the phone inside. What our friend did he used a crowbar to prop the front door a little while my hubby used a wire a pushed the button to unlock(no damage to the door was done at all) We joked aruond that he should put a sign next to the road offering his "Amish locksman" services LOL

  10. I actually get more spam with Disqus, weird huh!? I can't believe the 7yo drove, I think I would have a heart attack. Pretty sure, actually :)


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